July 4th - 2014

Keeping true to my lateness....I thought it was only appropriate that if I was going to be late on our 4th of July post that I post it exactly one month later.  I mean, it wouldn't be the same posting about it on any other day, right?!  :)

So here she blows....
We always start our 4th of July festivities off with a firework show here in our hometown on the night of July 3rd.  They do a pretty darn good one.  And the best part is that its about 3 miles from our house so it's a quick trip for us.  It gets crowded but we found a perfect spot to sit where there are no crowds.  We set up shop aka our chairs, bring water and Off, although this year we forgot it and got a few bug bites.  Whomp whomp.
Dada caught this fella digging for something.  First time we'd ever seen this happen.  We had a good laugh.  Hope he got something good.  :)

Then the next day, we head over to our "true" hometown, Granbury, where both Jer and I grew up and attend the local parade that goes through the town and the square.  We met up with some friends and watched it by the side of the road this year.  Boston thoroughly enjoyed it.
Giving "5" to the go-cart driving during the parade.  
After the parade its tradition to walk over to the square and walk around eating horrible but good food, searching the vendor booths for something neat to buy and sweating profusely because of the heat and humidity.
Love seeing my man pushing our baby's stroller.  
Afterwards we usually end up staying around and watching the fireworks later that night, but since we had a flight out to California the day after next (and still had to pack), we decided to head home and spend the rest of the evening at our house as a family playing with sparklers in our backyard since we technically live in the "city."  It was another great 4th celebrating America.  The land that we love.

It's crazy to think that it would be our last 4th as a family of 3.  Next year we'll have an 8 month old by then.  Wowzers!


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Lisa C said...

Next year, Jeremy's going to be pushing a double stroller :)

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