He's Got The Whole World...

....in his room!

Since we're talking about Boston's Big Boy Room this week.....which has been waaayy overdue (kinda like our Christmas that we haven't talked about...oh, and our vacation from back in October, ha) this post is all about how a map!

A few months ago I was perusing through Hobby Lobby's map section I found this huge map for $9.99 I couldn't pass it up.  And with my 40% off coupon it cost me only a few bones.  Since we plan to incorporate globes, maps and airplanes in his room this map would fit in perfectly and could be great for being used as a focal point in his room.

Since the map wasn't in a picture frame it wouldn't look right with out some type of border or trim around it.

So that's when we hit up the Home "Dep-oh" as Jer would call it.

But first, we had to do a little measuring.  We were curious how much he had grown (since we haven't measured him in over 2 months on his ruler!).
He took his job of helping very seriously.  I think he secretly loves looking at trim as much as I do.  I could walk for days in this store dreaming up projects to do.  
We got home and got straight to work.  We started by spraying this adhesive, from Hobby Lobby, to the wall and then applying the map to the wall where we had sprayed.  I sprayed and Jer gently sealed the map to the wall using his palm.  We went from left to right.  Spraying then applying.  And it worked like a champ.  
That map isn't going anywhere.
Then Jer started the trim building.  Building it perfectly in the middle of his two doors on that wall.  One door leading to his bathroom and one door leading into his closet.
Since it was already late in the evening, he set up shop in our garage (in hopes that it wouldn't be too loud for our neighbors).  He used his saw to cut each trim angle.
If you don't have a nail gun.  Get one.  Like yesterday.  Another favorite tool of ours that we couldn't live without.
After Jer constructed the frame, I went around it with white paint and applied a few coats so that it would match the crown molding trim.  Plus, a coat of polycyrlic.  
Because I love before and afters....
Again, it's slowly becoming one of our favorite rooms in the house.  We are so proud of what we've done so far and hope that its a room that Boston can grow into for many years.  

Now to tackle the other 1/2 of the room!  I've already slowly started working on it.  :) 



Amy said...

I just love it! Boston's big boy room is so adorable! You guys have done a great job.

Brista said...

Very cute room makeover!!

Brista said...

Very cute room makeover!!

Lisa C said...

I love the framed map. Such a good focal point.

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