The Christmas Decorating Tradition - Part 1

Every year we all put up our Christmas decorations as a family and this year was no different.  We listened to Christmas music and documented our night.  Keeping my fingers crossed that Boston grows up loving this little tradition and passes it down to his kids.  

He was a little more into it this year than he was last year.  Although, after about 25 minutes of helping with lights and hanging alls on the Christmas tree he was pretty much done.  He moved on to some trains playing, taunting Jet with the Christmas tree lights and wanting a snack.  Toddlers.  
Clearly he grew a little.  :)  Last years Christmas pj's.
Daddy puts the tree together.  I spread the branches out so the tree looks full.  And then dada wraps the tree with lights.  Yes, we are still living in the 1990's with a light-less tree.  :)
That hiney cracked us up with those tight pj's on.
 His ball hanging was superb.
 Superb-ly all in one spot.
 Ohhh and we can't forget our infamous tradition of hanging a ball together.  Mainly to see how big he grows each year.  
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Our perfectly imperfect 2013 Christmas tree!

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Celeste Aslanyants said...

I love all the blue...gorgeous! And those pjs are cracking me up!

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