Santa Claus 2013

I get the Mom Slacker Award this year.  You see, every year we take Bossy to see Santa.  The one at the Northpark Mall in Dallas.  The one that has the most awesome Santa....I even think he could be the Santa that comes to the mall from the North Pole.  He's like the real deal.

We've gone there 3 years in a row.  But this year.  Not so much.  Mama (pointing at me) missed the bus.  Things go so busy with the business and deadlines were approaching and orders were coming in that I forgot to take B to see the Ol' Man.  Until it was almost too late.....Christmas Eve!  Yes.  The day before Christmas!  

There's always a first for everything, right?  Only this was a first that I would never wish upon myself again.

The night before we planned to wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed and head out to the mall to be there at 10am sharp when the mall opened so that we could get in line (there's always a long wait) and be one of the first to sit on Santa's lap.  Welllll....that's not what was in our fate.

We get there right at 10am.  Walk up and see a line already formed.  About a 25 person line.  I walk up to the man holding the tickets and ask him for a ticket.  He then proceeds to tell me that, "they are not giving out anymore tickets."  Ummm excuse me, do what?  I then panicked.  Almost wanted to cry and yell NOOOO!  So I then ask him, "What time should we have gotten here?"  He says, "7am!"  I couldn't believe it.  Who does that?  Who gets there at 7am when the mall opens at 10.  I was furious/sad/feeling like the worst mom on the planet.  Jer on the other hand thought I was out of my mind.  Ha.  He kept telling me that it won't matter to B.  He won't care which Santa he gets to sit on.

Jer quickly got on his cell phone and googled the Galleria Dallas and called them to see if they were still offering pictures with their Santa and they were!  So we had to break it to Boston that "Santa flew in his sleigh to the other mall."  Thankfully he went along with it.  Ha.

We rushed over to the Galleria, stood in a line for about 40 minutes and got his picture taken!  Whew.  At that point, I was just thankful that he didn't totally miss out on getting a picture with Santa.  It was a close one and one that I'll never forget.

This years Santa picture day is already scheduled in my calendar. :)

2010 - two months old
2011 - one year old
2012 - two years old
2013 - three years old
he wasn't sure at first and started to curl his bottom lip as if he was going to cry but daddy quickly made him laugh.  :)

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