Boston's First Mini Christmas Tree For His Room

A first for Boss-man!  His first mini-Christmas-tree-for-his-room.  We thought we would surprise him with this set up for when he got home from visiting the grandparents house one weekend.  We headed over to target and found lots of mini trees.  We went back and forth about doing a colored tree but we voted for this one in hopes that he could have it for many years to come.  Green is neutral and good for all ages.  :)

We got him a few simple decorations and two packs of battery powered Christmas lights.  In hindsight, we should have gone with the plug-in type since these batteries don't last long.  You live and learn.  

Then we headed over to hobby lobby for some clear mini ball ornaments so that B and I could DIY something for his tree.  Something that he can keep forever and possible decorate with years down the road.  

Here's our set up waiting for him to come home.
I went through my scraps of leftover fabric and found some "Boston' fabric that was the perfect size for a little tree skirt.  Wrap it around the tree stand and had an instant no-sew tree skirt.  
He got home, we ate dinner and then headed up for bedtime where we introduced him to his new tree!  He was e-x-c-i-t-e-d!!  
The blue star was a hit!
Jer helped wrap the tree with lights and beads and I helped with the rest.
Within about 10 minutes we were abandoned by the little Mr.  But we made the tree pretty for him.  Ha.
This little string of stars was a booger to to unravel and wrap around the tree.  Not sure if those will be included as decor next year.  
The boys turned on the Christmas lights....
....and B LOVED it.  Relieved that it was a hit.  
After we diy'ed the mini balls, we waited a couple of days for the paint to dry and we took them up to add them to the tree.  
 His decorating skills is to put them all on the bottom of the tree and as close as possible to each other.  :)
 Lovely, Bossy, lovely.
His tree is done and perfect.

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