How We Spent Our Kid-Free Weekend

It was quite a b-u-s-y weekend if I do say so myself.

Sort of like a marathon....we kept going and going and going.  We could call it a Jennifer Ann weekend.

The B-man headed over to the grandparents house on Friday and spent the whole weekend with them, until Sunday evening.

When he goes to spend time with them we take full advantage of that time to get lots done.  We are always ready tackle the world in only 48 hours.  So its a race.

On our agenda:
- sneak in some quality time with the boytoy by the fire
- get over 100 leggings/orders out the door
- my bulk orders (wholesale) documents finished
- errands ran
- surprise Boston with his first little Christmas tree for his room
- watch church in bed
- worked on a "special" feature for a company that asked to feature my brand (can't wait to spill the beans soon!)
- and eat good food....think sushi.  :)

Oh one more thing.  I have to admit that I have a pretty awesome hubby.  He took the whole weekend to help with my business with willingness and I couldn't be more appreciative.  So, thank you, Jer!  We kicked some boo-tay this weekend!



Kendra Castillo said...

ahh I love that the hubby helped you! And congrats again on your amazing business. My friends are having babies left and right so I think it may finally be my time to snatch up a pair or two :)

J is for Jessica said...

Love the pile of leggings! I need to learn to sew-so fabulous!

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