Over The Weekend

We had another great weekend.  Pretty typical for the most part.

It's always nice when it starts off with sushi and ends with lots of quality family time.  Often, I am try to crank out orders so that they can be ready to mail first thing Monday morning.  But this weekend was different.  I maybe worked a total of 2 hours this whole weekend.  It was a nice break because I got re-fueled and I'm ready to roll.  Roll out lots more orders this coming week.

On our agenda for the weekend was to.... mow the yard, put out our Halloween decorations in our front yard (more to come on this), visit the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin, carve a pumpkin, church and attend my nieces wedding shower.  And we did just that plus a little more.

Here's a few snippets from the weekend.


1 comment:

J is for Jessica said...

Your weekend looked super fun and most importantly, full of yummy food!! :)

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