Eyeballs, Horns and Glitter

Good ol' pumpkins...we love them!  This was our 4th year decorating/carving pumpkins.  

Our first year, Boston was only 3 weeks old and since we had another letter in the house (both Jer and I have the same initials) we decided that carving a "B" into our pumpkin would deem appropriate.
Our 2nd year, it was all about painters tape, paint and color.
Last year, we incorporated some chalk paint along with the letter C and an airplane in honor of Bostons love for airplanes.
This year we it was horns (for Jer's alma mater the Texas Longhorns), eyeballs for Bostons (.99 cents for a small bag at wal-mart) and well, mine was supposed to be lacey.  Buuuut it didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would.  You'll see what I mean a few pictures down.  :)

At first, Boston looked interested....but that quickly changed when he tried helping dada take out more guts.  
Far different from last year!  He thought it was the coolest thing ever.
So Jer finished his alone.  
This week, B and I got ours out and decorated them.  He was a master at putting a little dot of glue on each little eyeball then really giving them a good mashing when he placed them on the pumpkin.  

Beautiful, Bossy!  Just perfect.  
As for mine, I wanted mine to resemble lace.  However, it didn't quite turn out the way I envisioned it after using a doilie and spray paint.  
 She turned out looking like a hot mess.
So I ex-nayed that idea and went searching to find something to put on it.  So....that's when Ms. Pumpkin turned into Ms. White Pumpkin with a little spray paint.
 I ran up to my craft closet and found some gold glitter!  Glitter saves the day.
 I grabbed Boston's glue, made some uneven circles with it and sprinkled the glitter.
 Voila!  That was it.  10 minutes later I had a perfectly imperfect polka-dot-glittered pumpkin.
 All three sittin' pretty on our front porch.

Coming soon:
Our pumpkin patch fun
Boston's birthday party
And, of course, our Mexico trip (aka Boston's birthday vacation)!


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