Knocking on 3 Year Old Door - 35 months

(September 2nd)
Dear Boston,

       As we come upon the eve of your third birthday, we've planned your party (dinosaurs this year) and started looking forward to our trip to Puerto Vallarta, where we'll celebrate your actual birthday at the beach.  We've also started to look back at our photos and videos of you captured throughout this last year.  Since your next letter will undoubtedly focus on the fun we'll have had during your birthday party and in Puerto Vallarta, we wanted to take this opportunity to share our observations of you throughout the last 11 months.

* Your new phrase is, "Good idea, Momma!" for almost anything I say.  If I tell you that you are going to have a grilled cheese for lunch you'll let me know that that's a good idea.  :)
* You love giving kisses.
* "Actually" is your new favorite word.
*  You are FULLY potty trained!!  More on your success in the next coming week.  
* Fully independent.  You have to get into your carseat all by yourself and buckle too, open the car door, let Jet out to potty and you even go pee on your own, flush and wash your hands all by yourself.  And we know you feel so proud.  
*  You wear size 9 shoe but could fit into a 10 depending on the brand of shoe.  
*  We recently introduced you to ketchup.  And, well, you kinda love it.  You especially like to dip your finger instead of your french fries and lick it off.  :)
*  Your obsession with yogurt and granola continues.  
*  We have still not introduced you to PB&J sandwiches.  Mainly because I have feeling that you won't eat your almost daily ham sandwich.  Who would want ham over peanut butter and jelly?  :)
* Your new all time favorite kid show to watch is....Little Einsteins.  Often you'll shout out, "Fortissimo!" (since it means loud).  Ha. 
*  You are millimeters away from being 40 inches tall.  

This whole month has been another one to treasure.  You light up our lives and we're so very thankful for you.  Your parents adore you and will love you all the days of our lives.  And even in heaven.

Your faithful parents,


Amy said...

He's getting so big and is so handsome! Happy 3 years Boston!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

So sweet & looking so grown! I can't wait to see what you have planned for his birthday!

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