A Birthday And A First Time Movie Goer

The day I turned....well, you don't need to know the exact number.  It doesn't matter anyway.  :)  It was a lovely day.  We chilled out at home, let B take a nap and when he woke up headed downtown to see a movie at the Omni Theatre.  It would be Boston's first movie theatre experience ever.  And this theater is a much different experience than a regular movie theater.  The Omni has a giant screen that goes up and over you.  So when you see an ocean movie you can look up and see the ocean.  It makes you feel like you are "in" the ocean.  Such an awesome time.  This day we were going to watch a movie about dolphins (most of their movies are educational since it's attached to a children's learning museum).  
explaining what will happen if he doesn't obey.
We got there about 45 minutes early to enjoy some popcorn and let B run off some energy.  Since it was a week day around 4pm there was hardly anyone there.  So we had the "waiting area" to ourselves.  
He thoroughly enjoyed the popcorn.  Obvi.
About 15 minutes before the movie was to start we walked down to get in line.  The lady at the ticket counter said that we would be let into the theater about 10-15 minutes before the movie started.  
So that's what we did.  We got in line and waited.  And waited.  And waited for the guy to come out, take our tickets and open the door to the theatre.  But nope.  It got to be 4:59 (the movie was to start at 5pm) and the guy finally came out and told us that the move was cancelled!!  Due to the storms outside (as soon as we got inside it started pouring rain and thundering) they couldn't risk damaging their machines if the power was to go out.  To say we were bummed would be an understatement. 

All the while, here's B waiting patiently to give the guy his Omni movie ticket.  Then we had to explain to him that we weren't going to be seeing a movie after all and that we would have to leave.  Umm...that's not so plausible for a little 2 year olds little mind.  Ha.  
So that's when we decided that we would go see another movie at a regular movie theater.  So we loaded up and headed to eat first.  
We got our tickets to see Despicable Me 2.  
And since he wasn't able to give his other tickets to the guy, he got to do it here.  At his first movie experience.  :)  I know, I'm a cheese-ball.  Totally guilty.
He was so serious.  
This is how he sat during 80% of the movie.  On the itty bitty seat right next to daddy's seat.  He did amazing.  He was so intrigued by the huge screen and movie.  It showed me that we are now able to go see movies during the day if we are getting antsy to get out of the house!  
In a nutshell, that's how my birthday went.  I loved every minute of a) daddy being with us during a work day and b) getting to experience Boston's first movie as a family!  Perfect, I tell ya.  Oh and having some Cheesecake Factory didn't hurt, either.


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Amy said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Looks like a very fun day, minus not getting to see the omni movie. :-(

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