2 Months Away From 3 Years Old - 34 Months

Dear Boston,

    Oy!  Only 2 more months.  And I haven't even started planning for the 3rd birthday.  Probably because I'm in denial.  Just a little.  Okay a lot!  I can't even wrap my brain around it.  It's true, the older you get the faster life goes and the faster you grow up!  But, Bossy, you should know that you are always welcome to live here at home.  :)  I'd be fine if you and your wife lived here with your kids.  I could totally be that parent.

Here's what you've been up to/saying lately.

* Your new favorite thing to sleep with is a pillow!  Such a big boy.
* A new funny phrase that you say now is, "What's going on friends/parents?"  Ha.  One evening we were all in the hot tub and you started asking us, "What's going on friends?"  It was hilarious.  Then we corrected you to say, "parents." Ha
* While at the store or while we are driving you like to ask, "Where is she going? or Where are they going?"  It's real nice when you say it in the store for people to hear.  ha.  
* No Joke!!  Another new phrase.  Cracks us up!  Many time when you are in trouble, you'll say this and we bust out laughing because not only do you say it, but you also cross your arms while saying it.  Ha.  We are never sure where you learn these antics.  :)
* Our new family thing to say to each other is....."Guess what??? I LOVE YOUUUUU!!"  So anytime momma or dada say "Guess what?" You automatically say I love youuuuu really loud.  Ha.
* Oh boy, another thing you like to say is...."Huh?" over and over.  It's reeeall fun.  :)
* When you wake up from your naps you say, "I wake up!"  HA.  This makes me laugh....but what doesn't make me laugh? :)
* You hear the word obey so much that you can get sassy and tell momma and dada to obey!
* You are now using toothpaste!  And you love it because it tastes like strawberries.  And you're a pro at sipping water to rinse your mouth and spitting it out.
* You can spell: bed, ball, moon, sun and egg
* KIDDING!!!!  Is another favorite thing to say just to make us laugh.  Often you say this when you are getting reprimanded.  And it will make us laugh.
* "What are you doing?"  Is another phrase that you like saying.  :)
* Lastly.....you no longer stay in your crib!  You can jump in and out easily.  But that's okay because its good practice for us when you get your "big boy" bed for your birthday!  We just always reinforce to you that you have to stay in your bed.  And about 90% of the time you do.  The other 10% is when are jumping out to come down stairs to our room in the morning.  :)  And since dada sleeps closest to the door you immediately jump in bed and sleep a little longer while he snuggles you.  I'm pretty sure you both love this time in the mornings.  Although, sometimes you are too hungry to sleep so he gets up with you and feeds you breakfast before he gets ready for work.  :)

We are so in love with you,
Faithfully, Your Parents

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