From Pants To Shorts For Summer

If you've been reading our blog for a while you know that I like to save our pennies (so Jer can retire sooner rather than later).  :)  One way I decided to save this summer is by using what we had.  Instead of buying new shorts for the summer....I pulled out some of Boston's "spring colored" pants and cut those babies off at the knees.

Their pants that still fit him but are too hot to wear in this 100 degree Texas heat this summer.  So it's a win win.  A win because they still fit and it's a win because they cost me zero bucks for THREE shorts.  He'll definitely be wearing them all summer.  

By the end of the summer there will sure to be more getting cut off.  I've got 4 more pants sitting aside waiting to be cut.  But I haven't decided which ones I want to cut and which ones I'd like to save for any future boy babies.  

These went from this....
....to this....within seconds!  The first thing I did was put them on him and marked with a black pencil where I wanted them cut off.  Took my scissors and cut.  Hoping I was cutting straight.  Ha.  I've cut jeans of mine before and didn't cut them straight and they were a little wonky when I put them on as shorts.  Actually they ended up being Daisy Dukes after I tried fixing them.   
After wearing them one time, they looked like this.  They hadn't even been washed.  I love the frayed look.  

I took my next victim, laid the cut ones on top of them (so that they would be cut the same length) and cut.
They aren't exactly the same length but you'll never be able to tell.  My main concern was not cutting the too short.  Ha.  

Have you tried cutting some pants for you or your littles for the summer?  It's super easy and f-r-e-e!  My kind of clothing.  :)



Veronica Lee Burns said...

What an awesome Idea!

Kendra Castillo said...

Such a cute idea, I think I will do it for myself soon ;)

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