Trial Week

As soon as we got back from Florida that Sunday evening, Jer left for a one week trial about an hour and a half away.  

We picked up Boston, came home, he unloaded his suitcase, re-loaded it and headed out of town.  And it never fails, the waterworks turn on.  As if he's leaving for months.  

Buuutt.....that Tuesday evening I called my sister-in-law to see if she would watch Boston while I went to watch Jer in trial for the first time ever.  Most of the time when goes to trial it far away.  Too far to drive to.  So I knew this was my opportunity to go and watch him.  Something I've always wanted to do.  My SIL said yes, so that Wednesday evening around 5pm I dropped him off and headed out of town.  I got there just in time for the "trial team" to head to dinner and talk about how the day went.  

The next morning I was so giddy.  Couldn't wait to see how the whole trail process worked.  :)  
It was a trial filled day.  A fun one at that.  Later that night we went and had dinner again and then Jer came home to prepare for the last day (closing arguments) of trial.  Meanwhile, I couldn't get enough of the Jodi Arias trial so I watched it in bed while he worked.  Luckily for me, that night the trial was still going on till late in the evening!

Before trial started that Friday morning, Jer had to prepare a draft of the jury charges.  Then he had to argue them in front of the judge.
 Thankfully, they got a good jury charge to give to the jury.  :)
 All rise!  The jury is about to walk in and we are about to hear the verdict!
Verdict: we won!!  Errr, Jer won!!!!  I have to say that the moment before the judge read the verdict I was shaking I was so nervous.  Weirdo right here.  Not knowing what the jury decided was so nerve wracking.  You want to win so bad and you are so nervous they will go the other way.  But it all ended well.  

We talked with the jury and the judge and then headed back home to pick our baby boy.  Needlesss to say, we had a great weekend after that.  :)



Denise said...

That's so cool! I've heard that your first trial is what makes or breaks you. I think your hubby's on a great path! YAY!

Anonymous said...

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Courtney B said...

I would be a nervous wreck as well :) That's so neat you finally got to watch your hubs in action! I can imagine how proud you must have felt :)

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