Beep Beep There's A Boy On A Scooter Coming

So we got B a scooter.  

A few nights after he turned 2.5 I ran into wal mart to grab a few things while Jer stayed in the car (Boston was at his grandparents house that night) and as I was walking by their "summer" aisle I saw a scooter and immediately thought Boston needed it.  But I wanted to get a second opinion.  

So this is how it happened.  
Easy as that.
Jer put it together and it was all ready for Boston to come home to.  

But instead, we decided to take it with us when we went to pick him up from the ranch.  We thought that would be a perfect place for him to ride it.  

He loved it!!

We made sure to take his helmet.

It was such a fun day seeing him scoot around and pick up like that.  

And, of course, momma and dada video'd him.  It's up on our vimeo account. :)


Dara said...

very cute! it looks like he can even make it go by himself!

Amy said...

Aww, how fun! I bet he loved it.

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