31 Months for the Bos-Man

Dear Boston,
     Oh Bossy.  We had another great month with you.  You are such a delight.  A very strong-willed delight but we love it.  You are hilarious, too.  Just like your daddy.  We are blessed beyond imagination for the Lord's grace.  His grace of giving you to us.  Cheers to another awesome month and to an infinity more!

Here's what you've been up to:
* While we are out at the grocery store or home depot or anywhere you like to say Hi to everyone that passes by.  And it's almost like you take them by surprise like, "Did he just say hi to me?" and then they smile and quickly respond with a Hi back to you.  Ha.
* For about 2 weeks you called me "mom."  And it's safe to say momma did not like it.  Mom just sounds like something a teenager would say and I'm not ready for that.  I much rather prefer to be called mommy or momma for now.  :)
* Everything lately has the "so" word.  You are always saying, "I'm so stuck" or "I'm so sad" or "I'm so strong" it cracks us up.
* So this month I had the need to rock you to sleep one night.  To be honest, I just wanted to hold you and soak it all in because I feel like you are growing up way too fast.  Well.....one night turned into 2 nights and 2 nights turned into 20 now!  We haven't rocked you to sleep since you were about 9 months old when you were still nursing.  We will now have to break you of that!  On a good note - you no longer go to sleep with your "ba-ba!"
* You are fascinated with bugs.  And have no fear when it comes to them.  Its fun to watch your interest, although we have to watch you because you are often too rough with them.  Roly poly's and butterflies in particular.
* You love going to the park to catch butterflies in your butterfly catcher that Abby got you.  :)
* It's a must that you help put grocery's on the roller-thing at checkout.  And you're great at it.
* You don't like sitting in the store carts anymore.  You'd much rather push them.  And we can't touch the basket either to help you.
* You just started playing the Jake's Pirate School app.  It's one of your favorites.
* We are still trying to teach you some Spanish words.  You are learning, thank you, you're welcome and please in Spanish. 
* You love riding your scooter on the sidewalk around our neighborhood.  We've noticed that you only use your left foot to push.
*  You use your golf club swinging left handed which is opposite of us.
* You love to tell us, "Watch me!"
* You have always said Bless You to anyone that sneezes or coughs but now you say it to yourself by saying, "Bless you me."  lol
* Throughout the week you'll ask if it's Monday because Monday is trash day and music class day.  
* You absolutely positively love music class.  Its all you talk about through the week.
* You like to eat your pizza slices upside down.  :)
* You are fantastic at testing us.  You like to do what we tell you not to do.  And then you'll look at us to see what we do.  Silly boy.

Always and Forever,
Your Faithful Parents


Lindsay said...

"Bless you me" -- hahaha, love it!

I love his shorts in that photo!

Stephanie Chung said...

Aw~ I miss rocking my baby to sleep! "bless you me" is pretty hilarious! Haha! xD


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