Those Moments After His Naps

just the other day "moment."  He LOVES eskimo kisses.  :)
There are many days where I don't stop and realize how blessed I am to get to experience little moments like when Boston wakes up from his daily naps.  There are days where we are so busy I barely get a chance to read a book to him or get down on the floor and play cars and trains with him.  

But one day a few weeks ago when I heard B through the monitor awake and talking about all kinds of things I headed up stairs and took my camera.

I wanted to document these memories.  The memory of what he looked like, what he wore, what he said, how he sounded and what his interest was (standing on his window seal and looking out the window pointing out the clouds, cars, houses, trees and grass).  All the stuff that I one day will want to look back at and remember.

It's not anything special.  It's just us being us and him being him.  Moments that I want to encapsulate.

My goal is to do this more often.

To really stop and take it all in because these sweet days with my baby boy are limited and going really fast.



The Burtons said...

He is adorable!! And yes the times when they first wake up in the mornings or from naps are the best! Such a blessing to experience them everyday :)


Anonymous said...

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Callie Nicole said...

So sweet, love all the pictures!

Becca Moss said...

So so precious! Love the eskimo kisses. (:

Shio Waline said...

Awwww.......this is too cute! I love giving my kids eskimo kisses :) But I really like your idea of how you wanted to document those precious moments, sometimes we go through them so often we forget how precious that time/moment is! Plus they grow up so fast! Hope all is well & have a great weekend!

PS: I am having a little giveaway on my blog :)

PSS: I am super excited about your little shop, it's awesome to see you getting recognition!!

Shio :)

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