Last Month of Your Twenty's - 29

Dear Boston,
It was another great month spent with you.  Your little personality is really starting to shine through more and more every day.  You are very much a silly boy.  You love to make us laugh.  Your daddy was the same way when he was younger.  He was the "class clown" in the 6th grade and even got in trouble for it.  Ha.  So, we could have a little comedian on our hands.  :)

29.  Wow.  This is your last month of being in your "20's."  Its sad for momma to think about.  So, I will savor this month to the fullest before you turn 30 months.  Errr, let's not say that number again.

Here's what you were up to in the month of February:
* you can now count to 20 pretty perfectly (when you want to)!  I need to get a video of you, soon.
* you can point to Maine, Washington, Florida, California, Texas, the ocean and Alaska when asked on your U.S. map. 
* we started learning to trace this month and you are doing great but still need practice.  :)
* you love to tell us, "Good job, Momma!" and Good job, Dada!"  It seriously is the cutest thing ever.  
* you got to ride in an ambulance for the first time when you got croup.  now every time you see an ambulance driving down the road you say, "Ambance! Bossy ride in an ambance!"  I guess you think its pretty cool that you got to ride in one.  ha.
* you went to visited the local aquarium for the first time.  you had a blast.  especially since your grandparents joined us.
* you LOVE your back rubbed, your hair rubbed (played with) and your hands and feet tickled.  ha.  
* you were featured on the Babiekins magazine blog early February!  we were thrilled to say the least.  :)
* you do not like the work NO.  you've gotten good at your tantrums when this word is said.  but we try to handle you with care and not show you that it bothers us.  keeping calm and collected.  most of the time when I say, "oh, please tell mommy sorry for screaming" in a sweet calm voice, you will calm down, hug me and say sorry.  then it's over and we change the subject.  this works about everything other time.  but we'll take it....we know this is a short phase that will go away eventually!  :)
* mommy made homemade playdoh for you to play with for the first time.  you loved making cars, trains and airplanes with the cookie cutters.  oh and you made weights out of the playdoh and would act like daddy when he lifts his weights by making "phew, phew" noises like dada does.  :)  this shows us that you watch every-single-thing-we-do!
* you started telling me that you have "poopy" in your diaper then you'll run to lay down on the floor while saying, "change diaper" so I can change your diaper.  maybe we are getting close to being ready for some potty training action!  
* you absolutely love everything about your music class.  you request to listen to your 2 music CD's from class all the time.  it's a frequently played in our house throughout the day.  
* it's so cute when you say, "cuse me" when you burp and "you're welcome!" when I tell you thank you.  
* mommy's favorite: you constantly wanting to hold mommy's hand!  I'm hoping this will last forever!

Stay your awesome self, little man!

You're our heart and we'll forever love you.  
Your always faithful and thankful, 
Mommy and Daddy


Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

Cute blog!


McKenna Ryan said...

What a wonderful little shout out to the little one. You have such a darling little boy. xx. McKenna Lou

Lindsay said...

So sweet! Ethan just turned 20 months, and it broke my heart he was out of the teens!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

He is so cute & happy 29 months Boston!

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