Pensacola 2012 - Day 3 - Boston's Birth Day

Our third day was the most special for us and for Boston.  It was his actual birth day.  And in true Cook fashion, we had to make the day special since that was the reason we were on this trip. 

Even though we weren't at home we thought he'd get a kick out of waking up to a few of his favorite things ever....."boons" balloons!  Here they are in the corner waiting for him to wake up.  
When he woke up we showed him balloons and explained to him it was his birthday (which you'll later see in video form).  Since it was barely 7:30am we told him we would be waiting until exactly 10:28am to sing him Happy Birthday because that would be the time he was born 2 years ago.  

Then it was time for our morning ritual that I talked about in days 1 and 2 post.  
Once we came back from breakfast and after had a little chill time while waiting for 10:28 it was then time.  Time to get our singing voices ready to sing this little boy his birthday song.  We went out to his favorite spot, the balcony, and set him up.  Oh and we also got him a little cupcake topped with shavings of white chocolate and 2 candles.  
Here we are singing as he looked up at us thinking...."y'all already sang this song last weekend, silly's."
Then it was chow time.  We forgot to tell him that the candles weren't to be eaten.  Silly toddler.

To our surprise, he wasn't really a huge fan of the cupcake.  So he forced mommy and daddy to take care of it.  :)
After we were done singing, we got his swim trunks on, our swimsuits on, loaded the backpack with all the essentials and headed down to the beach.  Our plan was to be there all day.  And all day we were indeed.  
The only down part of this day was that the water wasn't as blue as the day before because of a rain storm that we had the night before.  It was more of a brown-ish color from all of the sand mixture.  We were a little worried that that's how it'd be the rest of the week.  But to our delight, the next day was amazing.  

If there was anything that he absolutely LOVED while we were there it was that he loved being out in the water.  Anytime dada carried him out into the water he never wanted to come back to the beach.  

He loved everything about the moving ocean especially the waves coming up and crashing on them.  He thought it was hilarious when they would get soaked from the big waves. :)
They did a lot of this.

Such a stud.

It's in these moments that I was aware of how blessed I am to have a husband/baby-daddy like Jer and a son like Boston.  My heart couldn't be more filled.  I couldn't ever have asked for a better father for my child.  Ever.  

Best buds for life.

Lunch time.  Hard playing men need fuel.
Their first ever sandcastle in the making!  

When Boston started to rub his eyes, we'd wrap him up in a towel, lay him on the chair and he'd pass out within minutes.  He'd sleep until something or someone woke him up.  That was our time to do a little snoozing too.
After he woke up from his nap, we stopped by the pool (on our way to the room) to have a little fun with some other toddlers that were in the baby pool, too.  

Once we de-sanded ourselves with showers, we went out on the town to a restaurant called Flounders.
Great food, bad service.  I think it was just a "waiter" thing.  She was horrible.  But that didn't stop us from having a great time with our little 2 year old.  :)

Oh that face!  He's been doing this weird thing with his bottom jaw for a few months now.  It's hilarious but it looks so funny.  Ha.  
Family shot on baby boy's birthday. Wow - please pinch me someone.  :)
The dude had an important phone call to tend to.
Oh yes....I sure did have me a margarita.  And it was stout!
For dessert we thought we'd go for a keylime pie....something that wasn't too sweet.  Little did we know that the thing would be 7 feet tall.  Almost.  That thing had 3 huge layers.  Boston killed it.  With our help.  
This restaurant had a full playground right in the middle of it.  And since we sat right in front of it, the Mr. couldn't wait to go play after he finished his dessert.  So we finished the night/dinner off with some "pawk" park time.

I loved these yellow Arondack chairs they had sitting in front of the restaurant.  Bos and I tried them out while having a little mother- son photo op before the day was over.

The day couldn't have been any more perfect for our main man.  I hope one day he will look back and somewhat remember that day or trip.  Wishful thinking, maybe.  :)


Selidji said...

Boston is too cute!!!! I am glad y'all had fun!!!! Where did you get that headband with the bow? SO CUTE!!!!!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

Love all the pics, sounds like y'all had quite the birthday trip :) & I LOVE LOVE LOVE your headband, so cute!


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