Big Facebook News

It's official.....

Our Love and Our Blessing has a Facebook page!  
After much thought, many questions and lots of advice from other bloggers, it was determined that a Facebook page for the blog could be a good thing!

My hesitation was always, "do I really want another media outlet to deal with?"  The answer, "still undecided."  :)

Hopefully it won't be too much stress and take up too much time once I get it all down and learn how to keep up with it in the most efficient way.  

Which leads me to ask this questions to any of you bloggers with a Facebook page:  How do you post something onto your twitter account and Facebook page all in the same post?  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, without further ado, here's our new Facebook page website address:



you can click HERE to go straight to it,


you can click on the Facebook button (located with all the other social media tabs) to the right of this post!  

We'd love to have you "like" us on Facebook and follow along!  

1 comment:

Hailey said...

ive been going back and forth with getting one too, still haven't decided! congrats to you for getting it up and running!

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