Boston the Owl and Trick-o-Treating

Halloween oh Halloween.  You were pretty fantastic this year.  We got to trick-o-treat with an owl!  And this owl was a hit by all.  :)  

Our evening started with this owl landing on our driveway.  He played with some ice, ate too much candy while waiting for the kids and even got to tryout some trick or treating for his first time.  

Here's our recap:
Family pictures.  Dog and all.

Eating candy while we wait for trick or treaters.

Even dada couldn't keep his hands off the candy.  Then he sees me snapping a picture of him and this is what he does.  Classic.  Yup, thatsmylovelyhubbyforya.
Fake smile or what?!  :)
The owl with twizzlers stuck in his bottom teeth.  I felt like running upstairs and getting his toothbrush immediately but I held my urge back until the night was over.  I could just image that candy eating away at his enamel.  I know, looney momma.  
Our mainly guard dog.  all-bark-no-bite.

Finally, finally this guy drank out of a cup!  I couldn't believe my eyes (hence the pictures).  For the longest time he wouldn't drink out of a "big boy" cup.  He only wanted his sippy cups.  But to our surprise, he picked up dada's cup from his chair cup holder and started drinking like a pro.
I think even he was proud.  :)

Hooo, Hooo.
He was serious about his hooten.
Bos loved handing out candy to all the kids.  He would grab handfuls and throw it in their bags/buckets.  He was pretty dang good at it.  


Enough with handing candy out to other kids.  It was our turn to be the trick-o-treaters!
After trick-o-treating at 4 homes, Jer and I made the command decision to head back home to hand out the rest of our candy.  

This is the mass traffic jam we had on our driveway at one point.  And it didn't let up for a while.  
After all that walking, trick or treating and the continuous arm motion of handing out candy, we built up quite an appetite.  So we headed out to eat.  
This owl and his parents were starving and ended our night by stuffing our faces with some good grub.  
True story: Boston kept his whole outfit on (hat and all) the whole night.  Such a great little costume-wearer.  :)
Here's a little video from our night.  


Mrs. Mommy said...

Just found your blog through Becky. Looking forward to following. Your little owl is adorable!


LWLH said...

That outfit is adorable!
So cute.

What Is Forex Trading said...

How cute dress with cute kid :)
Bless you !!

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