What We Had To Do Before Summer Was Over

Did this summer goes by in mach speed or what?  I blinked and we're done with summer and approaching fall.  No complaints here but I didn't get enough time to do certain things with Boston.

One of the things: visiting a water park.

Which brings us to the Sunday before last.  We didn't have anything going on that day so during breakfast we talked about a few things that we could do but ultimately decided that we would give B his morning nap and then load up and head over to the "mini" or "toddler" water park, as we like to call it.  It's down the road from our house and it's only FIVE bucks and Boston got in free!  Even if we didn't like it, $10 is worth the try.

But luck was in our favor.  Boston loved it.  I've noticed lately that when he gets out of his element (our house) he becomes a very intrigued slash timid little boy.  Almost like he's soaking up everything around him and is making sure that he's taking no risks in whatever he's doing.  It's so cute to watch.

This water park was no exception.  He was deliberate in every step he took.  The boy loves water but when it comes to water falling/spraying on his head or face, he's not really into all that jazz.  He's more of the, "I wanna make the splashes myself with my hands so it doesn't splash my face" kinda swimmer.  So he would carefully watch where he was walking.  He made sure to dodge the water sprayers that were spraying all around him and the big buckets that would periodically fall on anyone standing down below.

This seriously was the cutest little water park I've ever seen.  I haven't really been to many, though.  But I fell in love with it immediately.  

They had everything from mini water slides (probably around 7-8) to a bigger slide, to a smaller little kiddie pool with sprayers.  It couldn't have been more perfect for this little guy's first water park experience.
There they are....my flaming hot men.

We're scoping out the place before we take the plunge.  The best part of the whole day is there were probably 5 other people there total.  Then they left and we had the place all to ourselves.  Besides the lifeguard that was life guarding 1-2 feet of water.  I found that funny.  BUT, we were covered, we were definitely not gonna drown.  :)
He doesn't like to be sprayed but he loves spraying us and anyone else that walks by.  

He wasn't really a big slide guru.  He could have done without them.  But he wasn't afraid to try them after some "excitement coaching" from momma.  I had to do some spirit chants to get him to try them.  
No Makeup Alert....other than some hot pink lipstick.  Boston saying...."cheeeeessse" helps take the eye off of my "looks like I just woke up face."
I got these $3.98 Old Navy water shoes a few weeks back.  So I snatched up 2 pairs.  Mainly for our trip next month.  I couldn't stop giggling about how fat they made B's feet look.  Adorbs.

Another slide.  He hasn't quite mastered the sliding part.  Maybe that's why he's not a fan of them.

This is what he wanted to do the majority of the time.

This big ship was so cool.  There were 2 slides.  One on each end of the ship.  The other side had a more steeper slide.
See the below picture?  See them sitting side by side?  This right here was a bad idea.  Jer decided that instead of putting B in his lap, he would hold his hand and slide down with him.  However, since Jer weighs more, he went down faster pulling Boston and ultimately pulling him onto his belly and landing face first on the mat below.  He never cried, but he was definitely a little shocked.  Jer felt terrible.  Lesson learned for both of us. 

Right before the face plant.  This face, those lips, those eyes, everything....makes me melt.

There was this bigger slide for ages 4-8.  Boston kept wanting to walk up the steps.  So we let him.  I followed to see what he would do.  I asked him, "Boston, are you sure this is what you want to do?"  In his head he must have been like, "Mom, I got this!"And he ended up sitting down like he wanted to go down the slide.  So that's what we did.

Surprisingly, the life guard standing at the bottom let me go with him on my lap.  After the last experience with him and Jer, lap sitting was the only way I would go down with him.

And it went great.  I felt like a big kid.  It was so fun!  I hadn't been on a water slide in years.  When we slid down, B would walk over to the stairs again.  So we slid down about 5 more times.  I didn't mind.  It gave me an excuse to get my thrill on.  Because it just wouldn't have looked right if I went down without a child in my hands.  :)
We knew it was time to go when he walked over to our chairs, sat down and asked for his snacks.
When he was done we wrapped him up in a towel so he could watch these 3 rambunctious, probably around 8 years old, little boys be boys.  That's another thing, he's a people watcher.  He likes to study other little children.

He was content watching them all the while rubbing his eyes and yawning.  So we let him while we packed up our stuff.
Overall, it was a success for this little guy.  We can't wait till next year!


Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

what a cute water park/splash pad! unfortunately we didn't do half the things on my "summer bucket list" but I am improvising for next year ;) & I love boston's little water shoes, good grab momma!


Laura said...

That water park IS adorbale. Being a Bostonian I love that your sons name is Boston. He is a cutie! Looks like he had fun.

The Smiths said...

That water park looks like so much fun!! The summer has definitely gone by way too fast!

Christy Ann said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm a first time visitor here but I just had to comment after seeing this post and the last. Your little guy is so adorable and reminds me of mine, they are very close in age. You are so beautiful, by the way!

Melissa Knott said...

I love these pictures. I am so looking forward to my little girl and my husband and our little family going to the water park. It might have to wait till next summer (since she wont be here for 4-5 weeks) but I WILL do these fun family things.

New follower :) XO

Dara said...

we love places like that. wish we had one close by!
Jen, I was wanting to ask you to do a guest post on my blog, but I couldn't find your email address. could you contact me? thanks!

Zummi@dmci homes for rent said...

Hello, Your post was cool and I enjoyed this a lot. This water splash park was very captivating and I love to swim in that pool. Your little boy was so cute and adorable. Thank you.

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