23 Months - One Month Until You're TWO

Dear Boston James,
          Wow, little man, you've become such a handsome, intelligent and fun-spirited son.  Nearly every day this month you have done or said something new.  It has been so fun to watch.  This age is really a great one.  You have such an adventurous spirit, coupled with a huge amount of compassion for others, and, even though you occasionally "melt down" when you aren't getting something you think you need, you are very sweet toward your parents.  Dada absolutely loves that everything he does, you want to copy him and be just like him, and momma loves it when she teaches you new letters, numbers or words and you remember them.  Your little brain is in maximum overdrive every second that you are awake, and your capacity to learn things so quickly is stunning.  Sadly, dada and momma's brains don't quite work that way anymore.  Anyhow, son, you continue to make us proud, and we are constantly reminded of just how lucky and blessed we are that God chose us to be your parents.  Thank you for being you.

        As with your other letters, here's a good list of things you've been up to this past month:

- you had a HUGE month in terms of talking.  lots and lots of it.
- you started saying: 
"top" aka stop
"kire kuck" aka fire truck
"garga kuck" aka garbage truck
"bebe" aka baby
"boopie" aka poopie
"boom" when something hits something or falls
"ba" aka bowl
"moom" aka moon.  you point this out to us at night every time you see the moon.  you love showing us the moon.
"mowie" aka movie
"dow" aka down
"tay ku" aka thank you.  this is your favorite word.  you say it every time momma gives you something.  
- one of THE CUTEST things you do is when we tuck you into bed for the night and after we say our prayers and give you kisses and tell you we love you....you say, "bye bye dada, bye bye momma" in the sweetest voice ever.  it even melts dada's heart. :)
"pees" aka please
"tha ku" aka thank you
"tha yo" aka there you go when you hand something to me
"kuk" aka Cook
- you love saying bye to everything.  while driving down the road, if you see a bus or a tractor or a truck you have to say "Bye" to them when we pass them.
- you are adorable in the mornings when you wake up.  you lay in your crib just talking, counting and saying momma and dada.  you never wake up crying.
- you like clapping when you see other people clapping, even on tv.
- you love holding your banana (with the peel) like a big person and peeling the sides down as you eat it. :)
- you love pointing out flags.
- you can blow kisses when we tell you to.
- you roll your eyes if we say, "Boston, can you roll your eyes?"  it's too funny.
- when we tell you something is hot, you start blowing on it.
- you are a very cautious baby.  you want to make sure things are safe first.
- you say, "2, 3, 4 and 6" when we point to those numbers.
- you went to the Dallas Science Museum for the first time.
- had your first donut (non-iced cake donut).
- you started counting, "2, 3, 6, 4"
- you're in size 5 diapers
- you love to point out stop signs and say, "sss" "sss" and then proceeds to spell it, "t o p" "top!"
- you are now allowed to watch a real movie besides your Baby Einstein movies.  And you love the movie Open Season about the bear and the deer.
- you love to make a bear noise, "Roooarr."
- you know to hold our hands when we say, "Let's say our prayer."  we say a prayer before every meal at home and out in public.
- you like pretty much all foods, but your favorites lately are avocados, bananas, sour cream, cookies, cereal, strawberries, mango and blueberries
- you wear size 8/9 shoes.
- you wear size 24/2T shirts and shorts
- you are 35 inches

You are an incredible son.  

We love you beyond infinity.

Your Hopelessly-In-Love-With-You Parents,
Dada and Momma

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