Hot Tub and Ceiling Fan Business

 Operation Get-Ready-For-Boston's-Birthday-Party: paint hot tub and install outdoor fans.

The biggest eye sore in our backyard has been our hot tub.  Faded-ombre hot tub's are so not in style.  Ombre hair is.  Ombre hot tub's not so much.

So since Boston's party will be held in our backyard again this year (unless it rains, which is expected), we had to get a paint job on that hot tub pronto.  It was an ugly orangey brown color that just didn't go with our green grass, blue curtains and red brick.    

The paint color was a hard decision.  And I didn't have time to mess up and paint it again before his party so the pressure was on.  We headed over to Lowe's and found a charcoal color and ran with it.  Crossing my fingers the whole time with hope that it was gonna work out.  My luck with paint colors hasn't been up to par lately.

But it did!  It turned out perfect.  And Jer put the stamp of approval on it, too.  

Here she is in all here burnt orange glory.  Don't get me wrong, we love our burnt orange (hook'em), but not a faded burnt orange.  Nevermind the overgrown grass and lack of mulch that we haven't tended to (that's on the agenda for today).
You can't see it very well, but on the right side in the picture below, you can barely see the blue color of the actual tub peeking out.  This gray goes really well with that blue.  

Ahh, so much better!
Next us were ceiling fans.  Not just plain ceiling fans, they had to be fans with lights too.  Since we were replacing our patio lights with fans.  

Yeah, we're a little late in the game with installing fans since it's now fall, but they'll be there for our enjoyment come spring and summer!  Oh and for the enjoyment of everyone at the party if the weather gets warm.  

Bye, bye lights.

Yay, they work!  The fan and the light.  
They're just what our patio needed.  Looks more comfy already.  



Oooh, I wanna come over and soak in your tub and relax under your new fans!

Staci said...

You may want to look at the ceiling fan to see if it wobbles or shakes after installing it. The middle of the fan should be practically motionless while the fan is turned on. If the fan wobbles or sways a little, it may need to be balanced.

Staci Severns

Hot Tub Specialist said...

Yup, you did very well on that paint job. The hot tub looks good as new. How often do you soak and relax yourself there? :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations THE COOKS! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.

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Cathy Newman said...

Hey, congrats for these two improvements! Usually, when I do two things, I tend to mess up the other. Haha! I’m glad both worked for you! And I bet your hot tub would be more comforting, now that you like where you’re soaked in during your home spa time. :) We can really be finicky like that! ;)

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