Hello 22 Month Old Boston

Dear Boston James,
         What a month it's been.  Momma and dada had a great time taking a short trip down to Austin just after the 4th of July holiday, but we missed you terribly.  We were very happy to be back home and with you.  Fortunately, you were able to stay in our home so you could sleep in your own bed each night.  Your Abby and G-paw stayed with you part of the time, and your Grammy and Grandaddy stayed with you the other part.  That was a great thing, because it allowed you to spend good time with them and it let them experience what it's like to be around you day and night.  As we expected, you continued to grow and learn throughout this past month.  God has done such an amazing job building you into a real masterpiece.  We remain as proud as can be that you are our son.

         This month, you:
*  you taught yourself how to skip.
*  you love to get on the floor and roll down the hall.  ha.
*  you had cheetos for the first time.
*  your new words are, "bus" very clearly, "choo choo" when you see a train and you motion a choo choo with your arm, "see?" when you want to show us something, "where's dada?" when dada is playing hide and seek with you.  Every time dada gets on the right side of your crib and looks through space between the crib and the wall, you run to the left side of your crib, crawl under the giraffe (every single time) and then peak through the space between the wall and the crib so you can see dada (this has become your nightly ritual before you go to bed).
*  your new favorite thing to do is jump with both feet.
*  you climbed out of your crib for the first time!
*  you have started to put your legs through your shorts when getting dressed.
*  you know to hold our hands when we pray.
*  you love to turn on the faucet and wash your hands.  and then dry your hands with the towel.
*  you mastered coming down the stairs all by yourself holding on to the rails.
*  you celebrated your 2nd 4th of July!
*  you love to throw balls.
*  you love to jump up and land completely on your bottom.  ha
*  you always say, "bye bye, dada and bye bye, momma!" before you go to sleep.  it's the cutest thing ever.
*  you had a hot dog for the first time.
*  you got to visit the local splash pad.
*  you attended story time with momma all month.
*  you visited the children's museum.
*  started to say, "tay uh" aka thank you.
*  you learned to blow bubbles.
*  you often pick up our cellphones, put it to your ear and say, "eo" aka hello.
*  you stay "bebe" aka baby when you see a baby.
*  you now point to A, B, C, D, O and S and say the letters.  
*  you mastered steering your cars while riding on them.  you know when they need to be turned before running into a wall.

You Keep Us Smiling,
We Love You Dearly,
Your Proud Parents.

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