fort worth museum and first time bubble

We had a pretty busy weekend (3 weekends ago).   

The Fort Worth Museum is a pretty awesome museum.  

I'd been "eyeing" it for quite some time.  It's been something that I've wanted to do as a family for a while.  And we did it.  We went, we saw and we conquered.  

It was a rainy day.  Perfect for being inside and learning about cool things.  Because science is cool, right?  

Everything was great.  Peachy.  Perfect.  Until.....it happened.  The travesties of all travesties.  My camera battery croaked.  Dead.

I had a meltdown.  Uh huh, I did.  But isn't that what all mommarazzi's do?  Go into panic mode?

After Jer mentioned to me that I was acting like a child and after I gathered myself I had to do what I hate doing....I had to pull out my iphone to capture our first time memories.  First time at the museum had to be captured by a stinkin' iphone.  Woe's me.

So, with that being said.  Beware.  The blurriness may cause headaches.
All in all it was a pretty cool experience for our little family.  B was more into it than I thought he would be.  

And this blizzard (my typical Tropical Blizzard) afterwards made it even that much better.  
When we got home B wanted to go outside and play and blow bubbles.  Who'd a thought?

It was his first time to actually "blow" bubbles since teaching himself how to blow (on hot things and anything else I say is 'hot').

He is awesome, too.  

Although he didn't quite get the no-touching concept down.  The concept that you don't actually put your lips on it.  

It didn't taste so good.

Those hands of Jer's.....love them.  So big and manly but so pretty.  :)

He did it!  He was able to blow a bubble for the first time!  After that, he was hooked.  We had to sit out there for what felt like an hour so he could blow them.  And he did pretty dang good.  Such a proud mommy.  My favorite part: getting to capture his first one on film.  :)

He makes our lives so rich.  Thank you, stud B-man.



I have not been to a museum in years! How fun! Looks like you guys had a great time! I live in the DFW area too (my kids are teens now). My camera battery is always out (or close to it) when I am at special events too. I LOVE the bubble pictures! Beautiful Boy!! Have a great day! Stacie xo

Sandra Kohlmann said...

You are a better mama than I am. I have given up on my "real" camera. It is big and bulky, is slow to react, and it's more work to share the pictures online. I have decided that the ease of my iPhone means I take more pictures and capturing more moments in slightly lesser quality is better than getting a few moments with great quality. Maybe this is just evidence that I need a smaller, quicker camera. :)

The Lacquer Factor said...

Looks an amazing time at the museum!!

Kelly said...

Bahahahah!! You totally had me cracking up talking about your tantrum. Sounds like something I would do!!!!! LOLOL!!! Too funny! Girl at least you looked great! That outfit is AWESOME! :):)

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