Some 411's About Jen

This is a post that I'd been sitting on for quite sometime.  Then when Becky announced that she'd be hosting a 411 link-up I figured I'd go ahead and complete this post and link-it-up! 

So, for now, I'm gonna throw out some info that you might not know about me just by reading my blog or some boring things that you might want to know without having to search for it on the blog or that I just haven't blogged about.  I know, so thoughtful.  You're welcome.

Becky had some questions that you could answer so I'll be answering some of those as well.  

Here we go (in bullet form):
1 -- 
I l-o-v-e to thrift.  Thrifting to me is what speed is to a junkie.  It gives me a rush.  A euphoria feeling.  I love finding bargains and turning those bargains into something usable.  
2 -- 
My first car was a white jeep with a black soft top when I turned 16.  I totally got it because of the movie Clueless.  So true.  No shame.
3 -- 
I've always wanted 4 kiddos but rethinking that now.  3 might be the magic number now.  :)
4 -- 
I went to A&M-Corpus Christi University for 3 years and then transferred (when Jer went to law school in Austin at UT) to St. Edward's University where I finished. I have a Bachelor's in Biology and was one class away from having a Chemistry minor.  But after taking 6 chemistry classes, I was so over molecules and organic compounds.  
5 -- 
A few appropriate college pictures.
best lab partner ever!
about to hit the bars (yes, I had braces for 10 months and then like a weirdo wore my retainer out in public).
6 --
We started writing our blog back when Boston was still a little bambino cooking in my uterus.  The pregnancy of our first baby was a huge deal, so we wanted to document every-single-little-detail.  We starting writing our posts in March of 2010 (6 weeks pregnant) but didn't share our site with our family OR friends until Boston was born in early October 2010 (6 weeks early).
7 -- 
I grew up wanting to be an OB/GYN.  Still do.
8 -- 
I am barely 5'0 feet short :)  And the hubby, he's a 6 footer.  Yeah, when I wear flats, I could be his Latin Oompa Loompa wifey.
9 -- 
I'm in desperate need of loosing 20lbs.  Blah.  Being 5ft means that gaining even one pound shows.
10 -- 
I'm an Alpha Gamma Delta alum from the Kappa Gamma chapter at A&M-CC.
11 -- 
I met my husband in the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school.  And here we are many many years later still madly in love.  (picture is from our anniversary trip to Austin last weekend.  post to come soon. i hope)
12 -- 
I'm a self proclaimed terrible writer.  So, sorry if you read my blog and wonder what the heck I'm trying to say at times.  :)  You gotta read between the lines with this blog.  I'd say I'm more of a scientific writer. 
13 -- 
I LOVE 80's music.  I could rock out to some Journey all day long.  In fact, our wedding song is Faithfully.
14 -- 
I sometimes feel guilty that I never comment on friends posts/pictures on Facebook.  I only get on to post our pictures and hardly ever stalk like I used to.
15 -- 
My plan would be to have another child right when B goes back to school so I can continue to be a stay at home mom.  ha.  see how I work the system?  J/K.....kinda.
16 -- 
I hated beer all through college.  the moment i graduated, I tried it a couple of times and now prefer it over "girly" drinks.  michelob ultra would be my choice for fewer calories.  but honestly, I like anything.  margarita on the rocks or white wine would be my second choices.  or even some tequilla shots (patron chilled, to be exact) real classy, I know.  but this momma likes to let loose and have a good time. :)
17 -- 
I do not like talking on the phone.  texting or heytell is the way to go with me.  ohhh and face time....I just recently tried that out with a friend.  love it!  
18 -- 
We LOVE to travel.  there's so much of the world to see!  we've been to: London, Paris, the Cook Islands (honeymoon), New York City, San Francisco (post about this trip is still waiting to be published), W. Palm Beach, Keystone, Boston, Jamaica, Miami, Los Angeles, Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and coming up in October we'll be hittin' the beaches of Pensacola, FL.  Our mentality on traveling is "only go somewhere once."  We decided years ago that we'd try to see as many places in the world as possible which means only seeing them once.  We figured, we have about 50-60 more years to live, that leaves us only 50-60 more countries/states/cities to visit if we go somewhere once a year.  :)
19 -- 
I'm SO not a type-A person.  i leave that to Jer.  thank goodness he doesn't mind my lackadaisical attitude and messy-ness.  However, I do like to be organized with certain things...i.e., my calendar and groceries (coupons).  Ha.  I'm an odd duck, I know.
20 -- 
I have never had short hair.  it's never been shorter than my shoulders or anywhere near my shoulders.  my dad never let me cut my hair growing up and still to this day, I keep it long for him.  :)  not to mention, I love long hair on me, anyway.
21 -- 
Our dream is to buy some land (several acres) and build our dream home (to retire in) within the next 10 years.  
22 -- 
I'm a terrible driver.  I'm THAT girl that "accidentally" needed to cut you off (because I was about to miss an exit) and then waves to you mouthing. "SORRY!" very innocently.  but I am.  I'm sorry that I'm such a bad driver.
23 -- 
We love/root for the Texas Longhorns (hook'em!), Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers!
24 -- 
I would be satisfied with having all boys.  But throwing in a girl wouldn't be all that bad either.
25 -- 
My 3 biggest pet peeves are 1) smacking.  i can not stand it when people chew with their mouths open!!, 2) bad drivers, ha, 3) when girls judge you without knowing you.   errr.  

Wowsers!  Twenty Five 411's?!  I'm gonna stop now.  

I have a whole other post worthy of "411's" that I'll share some other time.  I had to cut this one down quite a bit.  Wouldn't want to bore you all to oblivion.  Not yet, at least.

Linking up with Breanna too.  

ALSO, don't forget to linkup with the GFC Blog Hop going on today.  


Holly said...

So you were just like Cher with the bad driving and the JEEP? :)

And for the record... I love your blog and I don't think you're a bad writer at all.

Brooke Arellano said...

Hi! Thanks for hosting!I'm stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop and am now a new follower:) Would love for you to stop by Crazy Mama Drama!

Sarah said...

I also love thrifting, and people eating with their mouths open drive me NUTS!

Visiting via the GFC Hop :)


Melissa Ryan said...

I am a new follower from the GFC blog hop. Check out my blog if you have time.


Lisamarie said...

Gees! Link ups all over the place!!!

Your 411's were so fun. Its okay to be a bad driver if you visibly apologise for it. It happens to the best of us!! = )

Angela said...

Okay, you had me at "I love to thrift"...then you said you were a foot shorter than your hubby...Um, MEEEEE TOOOOOOO. Then you said that you and your hubby were high school sweethearts. MEEEE TOOOO again! So glad I found you blog, it is AWESOME. I always get excited when I find blogs I really love :) so excited to be your new follower, and found you on the gfc hop :)

Faith Konrath said...

I'm excited to be a new follower from the blog hop! I hope you will stop by and visit me too:)

Faith Konrath said...
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Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

OMgosh, I am in love with your blog! New follower from the hellocotton hop!


Visiting through the GFC Blog Hop. New follower! Have a great day! Stacie xo
p.s. I am a Texan too!

Tiffany said...

Hey girl! Loved reading your fun facts :) Whoop whoop--sorority girl and Bio major! So awesome!

Nicholl Vincent said...

how adorable is that picture of you two!

come say hi over at nichollvincent.blogspot.com :)

have a great night!

Erika Trevathan said...

Hi Jennifer!
Thank you for visiting me:) I am totally with you on the terrible driving. My husband is a police officer and stays on me the entire time I drive about my bad driving. I think I may drive a little worse when he's with me just to ruffle his feathers;)

Anonymous said...

Aw I love this post! It was so much fun getting to know you better. I'm also 5'0 and boy DOES every pound show. My bf is also over 6 feet tall! I also met/started dating my BF in high school. :) And I'm a Tridelt, go greeks! Loved finding so much in common!


Anonymous said...

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