Creepy Climber aka Boston James

See this image below:
Do you see a baby in that crib?  I'll answer for you, "NO!"

Yeah, there's no baby in the crib.  That would be because my lovely/tall/curious baby boy decided that it was cooler to be outside of his crib than inside during nap time.

It was his first time crawling out of his bed and I was f-r-e-a-k-e-d out!  Mortified.  All I kept thinking was, "No, this can't be happening already, not to us, that happens to other mommy's and daddy's!!"  

Once I gathered myself, facebooked it, text Jer and tweeted it (in that order).....I ran upstairs opened the door to find this.

Playing.  Having a grand ol' time in the dark.  

So that nap was a wrap.

The second nap was test time.  I was hoping it was just some "freak" thing that he did just that one time. And that the next nap would be like all the others.  Well....my worst nightmare was coming true.  Baby boy was out of his crib in no time.  Minutes.  I heard a big "thud" on the ceiling from our study and new it was his feet hitting the floor.  Turned on my monitor and baby was gone again.  What tha!

This time I waited a while (15 minutes or so) before going to get him.  Hoping to get a little more me time squeezed into the day.  I could hear him talking and laughing and walking all around his room but no crying.  So I let him "play."  

After deciding to go and get him.  I open the door to a disaster filled room.  Oy.

Poor giraffe was on his side.  Every book was off his shelf.  Some pillows were off his window bench. Clothes were pulled out of his drawers.  Diapers were thrown various places.  
We weren't ready to put him in a big boy bed just yet.  But if we were we have one.  We actually bought Boston's big boy bed for $20 at a garage sale back in March.  It's waiting in our garage for a makeover.

When daddy got home we did a little brainstorming and got a little helpful advice from a friend and we decided to keep him in his crib by just lowering his mattress all the way to the ground.  His mattress fit perfectly.      
If B doesn't stand up, I wouldn't be able to lift him out.  I stand on my tipey toes to even touch him when he's laying.  Perfect for our little spidey man.  Not so perfect for momma.  But he ain't coming out now.
Jer just laid his wood frame on the floor and plopped the mattress right on top of it.
There's no room for B's little arms to go through and get stuck.  We are so thankful this worked out.
All put back together and looks just like it did before.  Just A LOT lower.
That night he slept great.  Success!  High five for Jer, me and our friend for the advice/suggestion.
We ended up having to turn B's bed outward because he was so close to his wires that lead from the plug to his video monitor on the right side of his crib.
See that big "B" in the picture below?  Yeah, we rigged his video monitor by using his paper mache B and some baby books.  But it's worked.  :)  However, Jer is planning on moving his little shelf higher (fingers crossed its soon) so that we can see Boston better while sleeping.  Right now it's a little low and to the right since we've turned his bed.  
I have to say I really do like his bed turned.  I wasn't sure at first.  But he has such a big room that it's not bad at all.  It gives it a whole different feeling from when we first set it up HERE.  


Sandra Kohlmann said...

I don't envy you at all, but the idea to put the mattress on the floor like that is brilliant!

My girls are quite tall, but at a little over 2 years old, they don't even try to climb out of their cribs. Veronica can and does climb into her crib, though. I think it's a sign of just how much they LOVE to sleep. I am a lucky mama.

Unfortunately, our pediatrician wants us to transition to toddler beds and my husband agrees, so we'll be converting the cribs very soon. That makes me a much less lucky mama.

Whitney Cramer said...

hahahaha I had no idea that babies did that! wow they are smart! When I first looked at the picture, I didn't read the caption under it and I was looking so stinkin hard to see him in the crib. that's hilarious.

Melissa said...

That was such a good idea to lower the mattress to the floor, I would never have thought of that... Will definitely keep it in mind in the future :)

Have a good weekend!
<3 Melissa

The Smiths said...

Oh no!! Glad you were able to figure out a way to keep him in his crib a little longer. :-)

Natalie Martinez Rush said...

What a great idea! We aren't ready for big bed either but thankfully my girl is tiny and has not tried climbing out yet!

The Lacquer Factor said...

Lower the mattress is such a great idea!! I'm following you from the gfc hop!


Kelly said...

haha! I laughed OUT LOUD girl at the thud when he got out of bed! LOL! Our Elijah got out of his crib a couple months back and hubs and I heard the same thud from the family room! We just looked at each other like "uh oh"!!! LOLOL! GREAT idea about putting the mattress on the floor!!! Ingenious! We were able to lower it to the lowest setting and he's ok for now but i have a feeling I am going to have to use this idea for our little monkey too! PS: That giraffe is AWESOME!

Erika Trevathan said...

Oh goodness! We have not had that problem yet, but I will remember that if Bella ever tries to climb out. Thanks for visiting me! I look forward to following your blog:)

a soulful life said...

What a good idea! They are little monkeys at that age aren't they :)

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