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Friday, my ex sister-in-law got re-married (we are like sisters) and we attended her wedding.  We had an absolute blast dancing and gettin'-our-picture-takin'-on!  Anytime there's a chance for Jer and I to get our picture taken, we make the most of it.  ha.   

My last post included some of these pictures but I had to share a few more from that night.  

Yup, my husband is so classy. :)

 Yesss.....that's my friend, Cece's husband, grabbing her left tata!  ha.  Men.
Ohh, his beloved ball and bat that we got him recently.  He cracks us up.  He makes this face every.single.time he goes up to bat.  It's quite hilarious.  
We spent some time with Granny and Papa this weekend.  It's always nice going to visit them.  They are sweetest couple ever!
It doesn't happen very often, but this is a super short post.  Just hadn't had time to get all my pictures uploaded, edited and posted.  That think called life happened this weekend.  I soaked up every ounce of quality time with my two men.  :)

Tomorrow I'll be back with a simple but really cute project.  :)

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No(dot dot)el said...

Great pictures. I love the new photo prop/photo booth idea that is happening at a lot of weddings now. My sister had those at her wedding and they were just so much fun. Found you through the link up. I love your son's name. My family is from Boston ;) could be why (wink wink)

Terésa Marie said...

Tis the season for cute little boys to play baseball!

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