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One of my most favorite things that we've done lately is.....we booked our family trip!!!  So excited.  But more on that to come soon.  Such a tease.

Weekend Recap:
Saturday we headed to east Texas to a birthday party and we decided to go alone since it was about a 2 hour drive and we'd be coming home that evening.  So my brother and his girlfriend kindly agreed to watch the B-ster for us.  He has a son, Noah, that he had for the weekend so he brought him along.  Noah and B played so well together.  They love each other so much.  It truly makes me the happiest mommy/aunt.

We missed B while we were gone but knew he was in great hands having a blast!  Bub sent me pictures and even videos of him and Noah playing.  Warmed my heart.

Here's a little snippet of our "trip."
We headed out early Saturday morning and had some breakfast on the road.  We'd never tried ChickFilA's breakfast and, par for CFA's course, it was awesome.
Here's my main man driving.  Thankfully, he's cool with me taking pictures of him anytime anywhere. I had a few crazy pictures of him.  He just can't resist.  He's a silly guy, I tell ya.  But this is the first one I snapped.  :)
Here's me.  I originally sent this to my cousin but decided to share it with y'all too.  ha.  That's me, to a T.  :)  A little on the "nutty" side.  I like it that way.
 One of our favorite CD's.  We-jammed-out.
Here's us!  We had time to kill.  So, Jer decided that my car needed a washin' so we sat in a LONNNGG line (like 40 minutes) to go through a drive thru car wash.  So what'd we do?.....lots of this.
Then.....later that evening I had a few too many of these.....it was my night to let loose with my family.  Since the boytoy decided that he'd be our DD.  A good time was had.
Sunday, we met up with my cousin, Shelby, and her boyfriend.  She's sooooo sweet.  Love her to pieces.  We met up for lunch at an AMAZING restaurant called Babe's Chicken.  If you are ever in Texas you have to try to find one and try it out.  I die.
Noah and Boston.  Noah is about to turn 3 and B is 19 months.  I think I have a giant on my hands.  Future NBA player?
Oh I can't forget about my dessert last night.  Since I had been extremely horrible dieting over the weekend, I decided what the heck.....let's go all out.  So I did.  And didn't even feel guilty.  I was in heaven.
Later that evening Jer did some yard work that was desperately needed.  We were those neighbors with that yard.  Jer was slacking.  Boston has a little toy mower that he mows our carpet with and loves it.  So naturally he now loves mowers.  He watched daddy mow the whole time.  He better learn fast.....we believe in putting underage kids to work as quickly as possible.
Some Miscellany:
Lately we had a few days with this green round thing going everywhere with B.  
Oh and, yes, we still do cloth diapers.  We do them mainly when we are at home.  If we go out anywhere, I take our disposable diapers.  It works well and saves us some mullah.  
Holy moly.....I'm in serious need of some organization in the "picture" department.  I am horrible at this.  I take so many pictures, some with my iPhone and some with my Nikon, and I can't seem to stay caught up on my organization.  I need help.  Major help.  If anyone has any advice on fast, easy and good organization of photos.....please share!  :)

While my brother was here this weekend, he got my HOOKED to this new game/app called LogoQuiz.  One word: obsessed!

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Valerie Griffin said...

great pics! looks like fun!

Holly said...

I don't know what I want more... Your aviators or that Chunky Monkey icecream!

THE COOK'S said...

Valeriw - thanks pretty girl!!! :)

Holly! Haha. Love it. You should get BOTH! ;)

Tami said...

Thanks for linking up girl! It sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I do have to tell you that I'm a bit jealous that you had Chick Fil A and Ben and Jerry's! We can't get either of those things here and I can't wait to have both!! I hear you on the picture organization. I am the same way and I've yet to figure out a good system!

Kelly said...

You have SUCH a gorgeous family!!!!! Thanks for linking up for the Monday Meet-Up!!!

THE COOK'S said...

Tami - you are so welcome! Haha. Yeah, you can't go wrong with Chick Fil A!! :)

Kelly - Aw thanks, friend! And you are very welcome. :))

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