A Glimpse of Our Morning's Lately

Our mornings have been filled with lots and lots of back yard playing lately.  Weather here has been awesome.  Like really awesome.  Not too hot (mostly) and not too cool.  Typically just right.  So we've taken advantage of it.

Bos will play outside any-time-of-the-day.  rain or shine.
Because our house faces due east, our back yard has the perfect amount of light in the morning.  The sun is not beaming down on it, yet.  It's barely starting to peak over, mainly beaming off the top of the fence.

It's so peaceful.....you can hear the birds chirping, Bos's little feet running through the grass and his little squeals of excitement.  Pure joy.
His car is his go-to toy in the mornings.  He'll push it, and pull it when it hits the fence.  Sometimes when it hits the fence he'll look back at me and make an "uhhh" sound like he wants me to help.  Once I tell him he can do it, he figures it out.  Ha.  It's like he needs my support.  :)  Video here.
And sometimes even picks up the whole car.  He picks up everything....heavy or light.  We like to call him, Brutus.
Airplane!  His infatuation for airplanes continues.

Wheels....still very much fascinated with wheels.  I have to be sneaky when in Wal-Mart and Target.  We detour any area that may have bicycles.  He'll sign "more" if he sees them, which means we must go to them and let him touch them or there will be a total melt down.

Running is a favorite, too.  He's such an explorer.  The other day he had something black in his hand and it was an ugly black bug!  I quickly said, "Ew, yucky", and hit it out of his hand because it actually scared me.  Ha.  And he went to pick it up again!
All the while, I drink my morning de-caff coffee with vanilla creamer.  These kind of mornings are what I longed for when becoming a SAHM.  No worries, child having fun and sipping my morning coffee outside while listening to mother nature.  Blissful.
When his car wasn't "doing what he wanted (getting stuck in the grass)" he moved on to his water table for a little while.
We started one morning with a horsey ride.  He loves pushing the buttons on the ears to make the music come on.  Now that he's learned to rock himself on it, he rides it often throughout the day.
Video here.
Nice bed head, Bos!  Thank goodness he's a boy.
No words can describe my feeling when I watch him play.  Play with toys that he loves, toys that we got him.  Melts me.
Every time he wakes up in the morning or from naps, we let him walk down the stairs.  He's gotten good at stepping off steps now.  suchabigboy.
He's started doing this weird thing with his mouth when he plays.  So oogey.  It's like he's sticking his lower jaw out.
Here it is again.  We can't figure out why.  Strange.
Part of being a Brutus is being tough.  He's a pretty rough and tumble little fella.  When he trips or falls off something, he gets right up without a whimper and he's had some hard hits to the head or hands.  tough guy.  
How are your mornings with your babies?  Playful or more relaxed?



The Smiths said...

These are such cute pictures of Boston. Sounds like you're really enjoying your mornings with him.

THE COOK'S said...

Thanks, friend!!! :))) Happy Friday!

Becky said...

He's so cute! We will have to get together for a playdate sometime :) Becky

THE COOK'S said...

Becky! Yes for sure!!! Let's plan one. :))

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Looks like yall have fun over there! I love how he pulls it.. so stinkin cute! Brutus Boston Cook ;)

Laura said...

Fun shots

Megan said...

He is so cute playing in his jammies!! I love that boys are boys right away. They like to play rough and tough.

THE COOK'S said...

Kelly - Haha. Brutus fits him so well. lol.

Laura - thanks, girly!

Megan - Aw, thank you!! Me too. They are so much fun! I could totally have all boys. :)

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