Mother's Day 2012 - Part 2

There were a boat load of pictures taken.....so in order to not bore you too much, I thought I'd share a few.  Okay, a little more than a few.  57 to be exact.  

Our day consisted of doing a lot of the same as last year.  Breakfast in bed, snuggle time with my baby, naps, picnic, family time, little bit of shopping and picture taking.  Perfect.  

My lover and Boston, made me breakfast in bed.  Pancakes and turkey bacon.  You can see my plate tray on the bottom left corner of the picture below.  
Daddy taking B up for a nap.

While I.....well, I stayed in bed.  I was still relaxing/watching tv when B woke up.
**This picture.....I'll be talking about the meaning of the picture below next week.  :) **
Same park as last year.
We packed our blanket, food, booster chair, ball, camera, drinks and tripod.  Oh and Jer brought his diaper bag.  Love me some manly diaper bag on my main man.  He's secure in his man-hood.  :)
So pretty.  The waterfall during our picnic was so soothing.

Same picnic spot at the park and same food.  Edamame, sushi and chicken teryaki.
Rice face.
Cool guy.
Mommy loves Asian food!
While the B-man chased his ball.  We took a few pictures ourself.  It's good not to forget to get pictures of me and the man alone.  :)
Boys will be boys.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing my boys play together.  Bos loves to mimic his daddy.  Best friends already.
Break time.
He's discovered waterfalls lately.  Even while driving, he can spot one.  Adorable.
Pinch me.  Seriously.  This guy is mine?!  I'll take him!  :)
I'm a mom!  To this guy.  Couldn't be happier.
On the other side of the pond where to young boys fishing.  Boston was so intrigued.
Ha.  Here lately, he's been plugging his ears.  It makes us laugh so much.  He doesn't realize what it means, but sometimes he'll be doing it when Jer and I are talking.  It's like we annoy him with our conversation so he plugs his ears.  Hilarious.
He would climb up on the stone ledge and then.....
....hang.  We would laugh so he would do it over and over.  Definitely gonna be a class clown.  Oh Lordy.
Lastly, we headed out to find a DIY book that I'm on the hunt for but Barnes and Noble didn't have any in stock.  Bummer.
I had a pretty amazing 2nd Mother's Day.  I couldn't have asked for anything better than spending time with my little family.  I'll cherish these days forever.

Oh and as for gifts.....I told Jer not to get me anything.  I didn' need or want anything.  And for once, he obliged.  All I wanted for this day to just like it was.  Perfect.


Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Awwww - such great pictures! You and your family are so addable! :)

THE COOK'S said...

Meghan - Thanks, sweet friend!!! You are way too kind! :)))

Allie said...

I LOVE all the pictures! You look amazing! It looks like a perfect day! And those baby blue eyes are lady killers, he is such a doll!!!

THE COOK'S said...

Aw, Allie, thank you so much!!! He makes me jealous with those eyes!!! :) Oh and, thank you so much....I definitely need to loose another 15lbs before our family beach trip. Those arms of mine kill me, I need arm lipo, badly :)

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

aww such sweet pictures! what a beautiful family. loving your blog! found you via the wiegands :)


Sarah said...

What a gorgeous, inspiring family! Thank you for sharing!

THE COOK'S said...

Lissa - yay for being a new follower!!! :)) thank you so much. can't wait to head over to your blog!

Sarah - you are precious. thank you!!!! :)

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