What I'm Loving Wednesday

1)  I'M LOVING that I'm back!  Back from Florida and back to blogging.

Over the weekend, I headed off to Florida with my whole family (except for my two prize possessions: Boston and Jer) for my cousins wedding.  We had an ah-mazing time.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was such a cool experience because there wasn't only a Christian wedding but because my cousin married an Indian woman there was a huge Hindu wedding, too.  It was a 3 day ordeal.  And everything had meaning to it.

One of my favorite parts was on Friday evening when they offered henna's anyone.  So I got one.  I figured this would probably be the only time I would ever get the chance of getting one.  
(iPhone pictures)
I love it!
If there was one thing that I learned on this trip it would be how much I love my boys!!!  I have decided that I never want to leave Boston for that long again!  Ever.  He's my sidekick.  We are together 24/7 and I love it that way.  :)  Before we left, we left Boston a little note on his placemat from mommy and daddy for when he got up in the morning, he would see it when he sat down for breakfast.
It was unfortunate that Jer was giving a presentation at a convention on that Saturday morning in San Diego so he wasn't able to join me at the wedding.  Since he wouldn't be coming to FL with me, we both decided (with lots of consideration and going back and forth for months) to leave Boston at home with Jer's dad and step-mom.  Thankfully, they came and stayed at our house the whole time so Boston would be comfortable in his own house/bed.  I admit, I cried before I left.  I was beside myself.  I never wanted to leave B but knew that it would be the best choice for this trip.

It's safe to say that from now on, Boston will be joining us on our vacations/trips that are longer than two nights.  We will never leave him for more than 2 nights.

The best thing about coming home was seeing this:
waiting for me at the baggage carousel.  The moment he saw me he immediately pointed at me and started saying, "Momma!"  Talk about meltmyheart!

2)  I'M LOVING that I got lots of this while in Florida:
3)  I'M LOVING outside play time with this guy (excuse the iPhone pictures and didn't do any editing).
4)  I'M LOVING grilling out lately.  I've been grilling chicken for our dinners.  And I love this seasoning:
 5)  I'M LOVING these drinks:
6)  I'M LOVING these shelves.  I'm in search of some similar to this to go above our kitchen sink.
7)  I'M LOVING being a wife to the best husband/father I could have ever asked for!

Happy Hump Day!  

*This is a short WILW because I wasn't going to post anything today until tomorrow.  But thought, naw, I can't miss a WILW!  :)  

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Ashley said...

Great things to be loving!!! I am glad you had a great trip! I am loving those crytal lights too!!! Happy Wednesday!!

Sugarr2518 said...

I love Florida! There are so many different things to do and can be very relaxing! The hubby and I love to grill and a lot now since it's getting warmer out:)

Hope you have a fantastic day!!!!

Mindy @ The Blooming Daisy

sophistifunk said...

the henna looks so cool! and boston is adorable :)

Holly said...

Wow that henna is amazing! A Hindu wedding would have been a really cool experience. :)
Dropping by from WILW. :)

THE COOK'S said...

Ashley - Thanks, girly!! :)

Sugarr - Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sophistifuk - great name! Thanks, girly.

Holly - loved the henna. had fun wearing it!

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