What I'm Loving Wednesday

1) I'm LOVING Kelly Ripa's body.  Like, OMGoodness, seriously this girl has it going on!  After 3 kids who has a body like this?!  Seriously.  She is absolutely adorable.  I feel like running 25 miles now.....
2)  I'm LOVING this little bath baby toddler.  *still can't believe he's a toddler*
3)  I'm LOVING this packet full of vitamin C.  In my mind, it kept me AND Jer from getting strep throat (after drinking 2 packets), too!  It's probably all in my head.  :)
4)  I'm LOVING Boston and Daddy bible time each night before bed.  *gosh, those bottles need to be thrown out of our house, but I just can't get the courage to do it... to take away B's favorite things.  someday* :)
5)  I'm LOVING Kourtney Kardashian's baby belly.  Makes me wish that I was pregnant....ummm....for a whole 2 seconds.  :)  She's a doll.  :)
6)  I'm LOVING that we are making something cool/special for B this weekend and I can't wait to show you guys next Tuesday!  Fingers crossed it comes out decent looking.

7)  I'm LOVING B's napping style.  He's even a "cool guy" while he sleeps.  Hehe.  Can't wait to show him this picture when he's...oh...about 18.  *such a sweet momma*
8)  I'm LOVING CD.  Like seriously in love with it.  It's Kari Jobe's newest CD and it's amazing.  I put it on repeat and we jam out to it all day (even when we are playing outside).  I think even B now loves her.  This is a must have CD.  Best part, she's a product of our church, Gateway in Southlake.  :)  She's now gotten so big that she's constantly traveling and is hardly in town.
9)  And lastly, the ultimate thing that I'm LOVING is that I now have FIFTY followers!!  Yes, peeps, 5-0!  Wow and more wow!!!  Thank you to all of you that follow this little ol' blog!!!  Love you all!!!

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Happy Hump Day!


Katie said...

I need to try Emergence C!!! I'm getting a cold right now. I wasn't sure if it actually worked or not. Thank Jennifer :)

Valerie Griffin said...

oh, i'm loving everything on your love list!

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog through WILW. What a great post and beautiful family you have! :)

Amy said...

i love kari jobe! i first discovered her on a Christ for the Nations dvd of a live worship session several years ago. She has such a beautiful voice. I wish she was my friend in real life. :-)

THE COOK'S said...

Thank y'all SO much!! :))

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