The Day Boston Turned 18 Months Old

Monday, Boston turned 18 months old.  And like the overly-emotional/sentimental/celebrate-everything-for-this-child kinda parents that we are, we decided to make this day special by taking him to the Fort Worth Zoo for the first time and getting him a cool new gift.  We are proudly those parents that make a big deal about everything.....daddy even took the whole day off (except for some occasional email checking/telephone calls) to make it a family affair and a special day for our little guy.  We are lucky that he has a job that can be so flexible.

This day was filled with animals, stroller riding, Boston-chasing, Boston-pointing, Burger King eatin', animal noise making and LOTS and LOTS of picture and video taking (too many videos to put on the blog, but they'll be up on our vimeo.com account later) (although I did post one video that's at the bottom of this post!).  What can we say?!.... it was his first time to the zoo and we are some documenting fools.  He'll appreciate it later in life (I hope....at least I know I will).  :)

We started our morning off with a video of us walking into his room telling him "Happy 18 Month Birthday" while he was still in his crib....no, we didn't wake him up, he was already awake.  :-)

Afterwards, we did the usual, changed his diaper and then had some learning/play time before we headed down stairs for some pancakes.   Pancakes were on his breakfast menu for his 1st birthday so we thought we'd keep with the tradition.
Apparently this zoo is one of the Top 5 in the country.  And it didn't disappoint.  The best part of our zoo experience was that there were hardly any people there.  We didn't have to squeeze in to see the fish or the elephants.  My kinda zoo day.  Although it was a little hot and humid.  Not good for the hair.
These Meerkats were cutest little fellas.   He could have sat there for hours watching them run and play.
Giraffe's!  His first favorite animal.  Now he's on to zebra's.
Best two boys I could have ever asked for.  Thanking Jesus.
A little walking action.  He would walk great holding our hands for about 5 minutes but that was the max.  Then if was off to the races, chasing him.  But it was his day so we followed him where ever he wanted to go.  :)  All the while having people stare at us like we were nuts and not controlling our child.  Oops.
I love this picture so much.  He didn't see or hear me so he quickly stopped (while holding on to daddy's hand) to look back to see where I was.  Love this guy.
Whoa.  Excuse that hair of mine.  Needs to be tamed.  Darn humidity.
By the end of he day, he was zonked!  Since he gets really excited when he sees horses we parked him up by the horses and he didn't even budge.  He was so calm.  So sweet.
Then this.  As we were about to leave, he finally gave in.  So Jer and I took our time strolling through the zoo making our way back to the entrance.
The day before (Sunday), we headed over to Babies R Us to look for a sand/water table (we almost got him a slide for his pool that we got last year at Target after summer when they were 60% off).  But we decided that some kind of table to play at would be best for now.  Especially since summer will be here in a flash.  He loves walking outside in the grass and patio but there's nothing really for him to play with.  So decided some kind of water table would be great.

We initially wanted it to have sand and water.  But after debating and going back and forth, we opted for water only.  I didn't want to a) have all the sand dumped out into our yard or patio, and b) didn't want sand to end up in the water or water to end up in the sand.  So, since he loves water, we decided that this Spiralin' Seas Waterpark table would be perfect.  And it was cheap!  We got lucky since they were having a sale on them.  They were $10 off making them 29.99 buckaroos!  Steal.  And a perfect 18 month present for the B-ster.  

The best part.  He LOVES it....like L.O.V.E.S it!
Dad had a blast, too.  ;)
Flinging buckets of water on him and everything else.  His kinda fun.
He was soaked.  But that's nothing a dryer can't handle (better than sand AND water on his clothes).  :)
He was new to this whole "water hose" thing.  Not sure what to think about it.
Eat it, maybe?!



Laura Darling said...

That's awesome that you made such a big deal over his special day! He's adorable!

Sarah said...

I love that you guys had so much fun over him turning 18 months! He is the cutest guy in the world - love his name too!

THE COOK'S said...

Laura - Aw, thank you! Oh yes, we are silly like that. Ha. :))

Sarah - Thanks! :) And you are way too kind. :))

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