1.  I'M LOVING these two boys in my life oh so much.  He gets so excited and runs to the door when da-da gets home.  These are the days I've always dreamt about.

2.  I'M LOVING that I caught my little Mr. and my big Mr. working out before B's bedtime.  They keep my heart full.
 3.  I'M LOVING this guy to the fullest.  Not sure how I could possibly love him even more!?!
4.  I'M LOVING that one of my BFF's, Meghan, keeps my bootay off the couch and in the gym working out with her.  She's my inspiration, except A LOT shorter "her."
5.  I'M LOVING this Housewife.  Tamra!  She is hilarious and so pretty.  :)
6.  I'M LOVING this wall color.
 7.  I'M LOVING this Mexican Mac and Cheese.  What can I say?!  ;)  Ha.
 8.  I'M LOVING these Peanut Butter Brownie Cups.
 9.  I'M LOVING this fruiti drink.  It looks so delish and so light.
 10.  I'M LOVING this mirror.  Maybe I should try making one?!  Hmmm.
 11.  I'M LOVING this bright/fun/colorful playroom.  We'll be doing something like this soon for little Mr (just not sure which room, ha).  :)
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Happy Hump Day!


Nichole said...

I love Tamra too...she cracks me up. I love that mirror!

Holly said...

I will have to try that Mexican mac n cheese... Yummy! And yay for a fun workout partner- that always helps! :)

Makin Memories Of Us said...

Man, I want that mexican mac n cheese! Your little boy is so cute, the workout picture with him is priceless.

Kit said...

Great loves

Jamie said...

I LOVE the OC girls too. Tamara is my favorite. Love all of them though.

Vicky said...


The Golden Bun

THE COOK'S said...

Thanks so much, girls!!! :))

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