Oh Yard Work....You Are No Fun

Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, we decided to head outside (since it was so beautiful outside) and do some much needed yard work.  Our yard was that yard that everyone was snickering at.  But not anymore.  :)

While Jer was doing the actual work, Boston and I played while I chases him.
See what I mean?  Yup - that big ol' green grassy weed thingy was in our yard hanging over the curb.  Good work, Jer.  Good work.
Next he tackled the back yard.  It was even worse.  Thank goodness for our neighbors we have an 8ft fence back there.  I was even scared to look out our window at times.  Never knew what was growing back there or what would come crawling out of the madness.
It was so bad, Jer had to use the weed eater first along the fence line.
Oh and there was an almost 3ft weed that had grown.  Just hideous.  I can't even believe I'm showing you this.  This can be a disclaimer for you: always do your yard work in a timely manner or you could have this happen.
Ta-da!  Now we have a yard!  A yard for little man to frolic in.  :)
He doesn't even know what to thing about this green grassy stuff.  We hadn't let him walk around in the grass until it was mowed.
Helping daddy clean out the hot tub.
Later that evening, we headed to church.  But not before we had a mini photo session.  :)


The Smiths said...

Your yard looks great. We need to get out and work on our yard too. Maybe this weekend coming up.

Katie said...

We rent, so we don't really have to take care of a yard yet... good thing though because we have no idea how!!! I love your headband!!

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