What I'm Loving Wednesday

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1)  I'M LOVING this quote:
2) I'M LOVING that this little guy is SO tall for his age (and for being born 6 weeks early).
3)  I'M LOVING the website Zulily.com.  So very much.  

4)  I'M LOVING this cheesy smile he's been giving lately.  Melts my heart.
5)  I'M LOVING these chairs.  I want some JUST LIKE THESE for my living room.
6)  I'M LOVING this stencil.  It would be cute in a small area and just on one wall.  
7)  I'M LOVING that my mom is coming today to spend the rest of the week with us!  She's coming to spend some time mainly with the B-ster.  Plus, I get a kid-free day out on Thursday with my sweet friend, Dinah, to help her plan her wedding.  So excited!  Thanks MOM!   :)

8)  I'M LOVING this bedding.  Just lovely.  And cheap.
9)  I'M LOVING that Jet is Boston's best friend and that he has unconditional love for him!
10)  I'M LOVING that I'm going to make a Goodwill trip today!  Nothing gets me more excited than entering a Goodwill store (maybe a garage sale, too)!  

11)  I'M LOVING that we had PJ Day, today!  More on that tomorrow.  

Happy Hump Day!


Holly said...

I'm a garage sale girl, too! Cute pictures!

The Smiths said...

Love that stencil and that bedding!! Boston is such a cutie.

Becca said...

Your son with the dog- that is adorable!! I can't wait for garage saling season to be here. :)

THE COOK'S said...

Holly!! Thanks, girly!! :)

Smiths - Me too! On a small wall would be cute. But a lot of work, too. Ha. Aw, you are such a sweet blog friend. :) Jackson is a cutie, too!!!

Becca - Aw, you are too kind!!! :-)

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