Pajama (and some Nike's) Day

We had a great day on Tuesday.  Since it's spring break here in Texas, the church didn't have any childcare for the week so my mom's group wasn't planned like normally.  However, they did all decided to go to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth to see the butterfly exhibit.  And we aallllmost went to meet up with all of them.  But Boston had other plans, he didn't take a morning nap!  Whaaat?! I was confused.  But that day he just wasn't about sleeping.  So using my better judgement, I knew attending an exhibit would have become a disaster for a sleep deprived 17 month old.  So we decided to stay home and do this:

Hang out in pj's (and some Nike's).  :)    
I thought....why get dressed?  Why dirty good clean clothes that I work so hard to clean just to play in (or go to the store in)?   So we didn't, we chose to be comfy and relaxed.
Boston's favorite thing to do lately is play outside.  When I say play, I really mean, walk around the whole back patio, climb onto chairs, swing, point at planes, birds and hear the cars pass by.  Saying he loves it outside is an understatement.  It doesn't matter how long we stay outside, minutes or hours, he screams like nobody's business.  Oy!
Jet stayed outside most of the time (it got a little warm for him, so he would go inside for some cool air and a drink of water, and then he would come back out) and him and Boston played like the cute brothers they are.
Jet has this nasty/dirty/gross plush toy that he likes to bite and shake.  Now, Boston likes to get it and have Jet chase him around the house or patio for it.  And he likes to try to pull it out of Jet's mouth.
Boston will reach in and try to take it.
But poor B always looses.
And, of course, we had to take a moment to make sure our belly button was still on our body.
It was.  :)
We came in for lunch.  On the menu: grilled cheese, veggie straws, pistachio's and blueberries (pretty much a regular lunch for the B-ster).
He has recently started climbing on our kitchen chairs.  And has fallen off once onto the tile.  :(  Poor fella.
Then it was time to wind down and enjoy some Baby Einstein.
And chew on his baby monitor.
After his afternoon nap, we all played in his room for a little bit.
No.  This is not one of Jet's toys.  It's Boston's globug that he sleeps with every night.    Before going to sleep, he will lay in his crib and press the buttons over and over which plays different music.
I love that Boston has a best friend in Jet.  They are both such lovers.  :)
After playtime, we loaded up and headed out to one of our favorite stores (in our pajamas).  Our local Home Depot.  I reaaallly need to invest in some of their stock so we can get some of my money back. 
By this time daddy was on his way home and started our dinner.  What a lovely day, in our pj's.  We just might have to do it again, real soon.  :)


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