Let's Do Circles

Remember this picture from this post?
Well, let's talk about those pillows with the circles a.k.a. polka dots to other people.  As I was browsing through the ba-gillion fabrics on fabrics.com, this circled bright aqua fabric caught my eye.  I had to have it.  So I bought it.  2 yards of it. 

I knew it would be perfect for pillows.  My living room pillows to be exact.  And I knew I could make them myself.  Or at least try to make them.  :)  The old living room pillows were too brown for me and I was over them.  We needed something more bold and bright.  Since I had already made a pillow case out of some solid aqua fabric, I knew that the brown pillow cases could be unzipped and I could use them as my insers; which made things much easier and cheaper!

Since I had left over aqua fabric, I used the rest as the backer to my pillow case.  Using the brown pillow cases as my template, I cut my fabric into squares leaving 2 extra inches all the way around. I laid the circled fabric down with the good side up then laid the solid aqua fabric on top of it.  
After I cut the aqua fabric into a square, I cut about 10 inches off the top and added a longer piece of (this would be the longer piece that will overlap the original bottom piece) fabric.  Leaving me with two pieces overlapping.  Then I hemmed the edge of one of the pieces since it would be the one on the outside (the overlapping one). 
I then made my marks about an inch from the edge (all the way around) so that I knew where my hem line needed to be and pinned the two fabrics together.   
Once all sides were hemmed, it was time to turn the pillow case inside out and stuff it with a pillow.  Since I had left over circled fabric I made two pillows.  I love them.  They have made such a difference to our lving room.  Plus, they are so big and comfy and they go great with the $9 Wal-Mart pillow I picked up a few months back.  :-) 



carissa at lowercase letters said...

i think they are so lovely!!

THE COOK'S said...

Thank you so much, Carissa! You are too kind!
BTW - I just created my blogroll and and added you! :-)

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