Dining Room Christmas Decor

Keeping with our theme I decided to pull out all things red and white striped, balls and glittery (wrapping paper).  The best part, I had almost everything (except for some balls) already in my Christmas bins.  You can see our entry here and mantle here.

Searching pinterest one day, I found this cute little tree made of twine.  My favorite item for all things household.  I couldn't pass up not making this easy tree.  

I took brown scrap book paper (you can use any color you want, but brown is what I had on hand), twine and hot glue.  That's it.  3 simple things that most of you already have.  I shaped the paper into a cone and began wrapping the cone, hot gluing along the way. 
Here she is.  I adore her.
On to the dining room.  
I used some leftover red and white striped fabric from B's birthday party and laid it on top of the burlap (just like I did in our entry).  
These are the bowls I got from Wal-Mart last year after Christmas for a buck each!  So I got 10.  5 square and 5 round.  I used red fabric (also left over from B's party), cut them in squares and folded them in thirds and loosely tied twine around them. 
There's my twine tree.  Isn't she lovely?  Oh and I love that song.  :)  
The basket of balls with pinecones at the bottom as a "filler."  

I got the white bowl from a thrift store about a year ago and adore it.  It seems to go well with everything.  The little glass jar I filled with red and silver berry twigs (which used to go on our tree as decorations) is wrapped with blue glittery wrapping paper to match the blue glittery balls.  Then I half-way filled the mason jars with "snow" and threw in some candles.  And yes, I will be lighting those babies.  :)
I'm uber proud of myself for not having to buy hardly anything at all to decorate with this year.  I bought, balls, a bag of snow, small candles and tile.  
Tile as in real tile that you hang on your kitchen walls.  It's true.  Do you see the white tiles in next to the plates and chargers?  I got those from Home Depot as my coasters.  I got 10 tiles and some felt sticky tabs.  Each tile was 16 cents and the tabs were around $3.  I needed some coasters but wanted something very very simple, white and chic.  So this is what I came up with.
 Within 5 minutes I had all 10 tiles tabbed up on all four corners.
To stay married (since our dining room table is my husband's 3rd love behind me and Boston, of course :)) and to keep our table scratch-free, these felt pads were a must.

Here they are sittin' pretty on our shiny-scratch-free-table!  Who knows, next year they may get a make-over.....or they may just stay white.  :)

Happy Thursday before Christmas (3 days away)!


Kendra said...

Great decor! You've got a crafty talent, girl!

Dawnee said...

I kept seeing those awesome trees on Pinterest as well but just didn't get one done this year! This just means I must start even EARLIER for next Christmas! :) Lovely blog! Happy to be a new follower from the Wiegands Linky :)

THE COOK'S said...

Aww, thanks so much Kendra! :) Thanks for your comment!!

Yay - glad you are a new follower, Dawnee! Those trees are uber easy! Can't wait to see yours next year. :)


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