halloween 2011 Part 2: baby giraffe

We decided that since Boston is on the verge of walking we thought we would stay home and hand out candy to the kiddos.  Plus, giving Boston candy makes me cringe.  In my mind, he's simply too young to be introduced to candy.  I know, I'm so mean. :)

Earlier in the day he was a zebra
Then he turned into a giraffe!  We heart giraffe's.  
Left over candy from Boston's birthday party.  :-)  We had tall swirly pops that about 15 kids came and snatched before I could snap my picture.  Just glad we got rid of them.
Daddy giraffe with baby giraffe.  :)
Watching all the kids in their costumes trick or treat.
 Giraffe on the loose
Our tippey toe walker.
It was clearly ready for bedtime.  About an hour in our little giraffe was d-o-n-e!  So we left our tin bucket and candy out on our porch for the kids to take.  It definitely needed to get out of my house.  It was too tempting.....mommas gotta loose some weight!  :-)

We had a pretty awesome day!  Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

~The Cook's


Vivian said...

He looks ADORABLE in both costumes!

THE COOK'S said...

Thank you, Vivian! I have to agree. Hehe! :-) Thanks, again!

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