Dear Our 13 Month Old Boston

Dear Boston,
      This past month just absolutely flew by.  After your birthday party on Oct 1, we tried to settle down some, especially on the weekends, but with Mommy and Aunt Cece booking photo sessions (post about my new venture coming soon!) on the weekends, we've had very little down time.  You have acted accordingly, continuing on your blistering pace toward big boy-hood.  Just when we think you cannot get any cuter, your appearance or your mannerisms change and we see a new level of cute-ness emerge.  It's truly a blessing to stop and remember that you are our son.  Check out these new things of yours over this past month:

* you celebrated your FIRST birthday this month! (a post coming soon with all the details of your birthday par-taayy!!)
* you had spaghetti for the first time

* had strawberries for the 1st time (we waited until after you were one year old, per doctor's orders, since berries are known to cause allergies)
* you went to your 12 month check-up

* you ate pancakes for the first time
* you ate cake (while mommy cringed) for the first time at your birthday party
* you ate pizza for the first time

* you still love to play with wheels/tires...you roll your strollers back and forth
* you started riding forward facing!
* you are now getting bottles at night time before bed, only.  the rest of the day you drink your milk out of sippy cups
* you went to the State Fair of Texas for the 1st time!
* you went to your second pumpkin patch!

* you rode on your first "tractor train"
* you now get to ride in a jogging stroller while mommy takes you on her jogs/walks
* you went to the park for the first time and loved the swings
* your favorite foods right now are: green beans, corn, carrots, avocado, tomatoes, cherrios, grilled cheese, yogurt, strawberries, apples, pizza, mango, yogurt bites, kale puffs, goldfish and milk
* you were a zebra and a giraffe for Halloween
* you started to monkey walk every now and then
* you now have 12 teeth!
* you love to get your teeth brushed, too
* you love to put on and off your blanket over your head.  it makes us laugh when we watch you through your monitor, especially when you put the blanket over your head and wave your
arms around like you are a ghost - hysterical!!! 
* you didn't like goldfish the first couple of times you tried them but now you do
* you love to "cheesy" smile at us when we look back at you in your car seat while we are driving :)
* you started bending over and standing on your head
* you nursed for the last time on October 4th (very very sad for Mommy!!)
* you celebrated your 2nd Halloween
*you still LOVE to dance
* you love your baby einstein movies
* you started saying the word "ball"
* you still love to point at the ceiling fan, lights, balloons, airplanes and trees
* you love to give hugs and pat our shoulders (puts a smile on our faces every time)
* you had a week of "picky eating" but you are now back on track with eating everything (except for meat) we give you
* you took 5-6 steps on October 7th for the 1st time!!!
* you started walking on October 31st (well about 10-12 steps at a time, and just love it, you giggle and giggle)!!!! we are so excited and proud of you!

Your Very Faithful Parents!

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