"Sneak Peak" of Boston's ONE Year Photo Shoot

We had a crazy busy weekend but one thing that we did do was a photo shoot!  You might have guessed that it would be of our little man, but you are partially right.  It wasn't a photo shoot of just him, but with Jer and I, too! 

We have had his first birthday photo shoot scheduled for THREE weeks now and due to him being sick the first weekend and bad weather the second, it was pushed back until YESTERDAY!  Jer and I decided that we would go ahead and take some fall pictures (family pictures) with Boston at the same photo shoot.  We had a blast!  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  :)

As you all know, I'm a tease...yes, I fully admit it, no shame.  :)  And being a tease I wanted to share one picture of our main man from yesterday's shoot.  He's an awesome kid.  and so handsome too.  and we love every-single-thing-about-him.

 Check back later this week (fingers crossed) for more photos.  :-)

Happy Monday,

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