Quack, Quack. It's Bath Time.

Another one bites the dust...actually it was retired.  We have officially retired his newborn bath tub.  Our little guy (not so little anymore) has yet again grown out of another thing.  I wasn't really keen on the idea of letting him sit in the big tub so we decided to get a ducky tub.  He'll use this for now.  Until he gets a little bigger.  We tried it out the other night and he loved it.  It's a good thing someone was happy about the transition, because I WAS NOT...but that's par for the course. 
he loves to be sprayed with the sprayer.  he puts his hands under it to touch the water.  he loves bath time.
for his first time in his new ducky bath, we gave him a bubble bath.  he didn't know what to the think of the bubbles.  he kept splashing them. 
we also gave him bath toys for the first time.  he thoroughly enjoyed them too. :) 
he splashed and splashed and got us and everything else around wet.  :) 
hey, look...Alfalfa 
a droopy but happy Alfalfa

Needless to say, he had a great time in his new bath and we had a great time experiencing it with him!  It's bitter sweet for us. 

~Hope everyone had a great Monday,

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