Gettin' my sewing on...

BLOGGER ALERT: for some reason Blogger wouldn't post my submitted posts and I had no idea until just now.  So, here's what you missed. :-)

That's right, I got my sewing on yesterday, finally

As I've mentioned before, I got a sewing (one of my most favorite gifts) machine from my parents for Christmas and haven't even touched the box since I first unwrapped it.  For almost 6 months it's been sitting there eyeing me every time I walk upstairs.  And I eye it back.  I let her know, "Girlfriend, soon I'll play with you." 

Well, yesterday I got to play with her!  Here we are... together at last.  I was super excited to get-my-sewing-on with my Singer. 

I was a little intimidated at first.  I was one of those that didn't take home economics in high school...and I started to wish I had.  I had NO CLUE whatsoever about sewing.  I literally had to read the manual on how to use a "bobbin" (which, of course, I had never heard of) and how to spool my thread.  I didn't even know what the heck a thimble was used for.  Still don't.  :) 

So, after going step by step through the manual on how to set up the machine...I was ready to sew.  I actually couldn't believe I had actually set myself up to sew.  It wasn't that hard afterall.  You could say I was pretty proud of myself.  I started to feel a little more domesticated.  :)  However, I did the VERY basic type of sewing.  I didn't use any fancy schmancy stiching.  This Singer has a lot more bells and whistles than I can even begin to explore.  But maybe, just maybe I'll get a wild hair and do something more fancy.  We shall see. 

I have tons of fabric laying around for miscellaneous projects that I have planned, so I just snipped off a few strips of fabric and used those to practice with.  Here's what happened...
the front
 the back
...as you can tell it didn't work out too well.  They were supposed to be stictched together evenly but somehow I didn't hold the fabric correctly and it curved.  Plus they would bunch up, notice the bubble?  Ha.  I had to practice and practice JUST to get a straight line.  I never knew sewing a straight line was so hard.  But, after some much needed practice I came out with these...
the bottom is waiting for a zipper
a close up of the corner (which I'm not too good at)
...they are napkins that I found at a thrift store for 3 buckaroos for 6.  I'm sewing two together and making pillows for my patio.  Surprisingly it wasn't too hard and I ENJOYED IT!!!  Never thought I'd ever say that.  I sewed 3 sides and left one side open for a zipper.  And unfortunately, I don't have a zipper yet so I can't show you the finished product.  But that'll be in the works, soon (if I don't totally screw them up).  Ha.

Have a great weekend,

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