Our Letter to Our Son on His 6 Month Birthday - 1 of 3 posts


     Goodness, we have a 6 month old!  It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital on bed rest waiting for your arrival.  6 months later, you are an almost 20lb'er (we'll know your actual weight at your 6 month check-up on Friday) and a healthy, happy, cuddly, loveable, playful, hungry, funny, goofy baby boy.  We couldn't imagine life without you.  This was another fun month with you.  Here's a recap of your past month...
* you have started to turn around in your crib
* you are wearing 6-12 month clothing
* we've had so much fun watching/hearing you find your voice.  it's so cute listening to you squeal and try to make other noises 
* you love watching your brother, Jet, (mainly his tail) walk around and you love touching him
* you love smiling back at us
* you want to taste everything you hold
* you love to touch and scratch various surfaces
* you are on the verge of sitting up by yourself
* you got your first taste of solid foods - sweet potatoes - and you loved them
* you took your first road trip to GA and you were a great little traveler
* you got to tour the CNN studios in Atlanta
* you like watching your Baby Einstein video
* you have started to want to hold your bottles
* you have sucked on your foot a couple of times
* you love blowing raspberries
*you love to bang your hands on everything
* you love love love your Jumperoo...and you tend to fall asleep in it a lot.  it makes us laugh.  first, your head starts to get low and you look at us with an almost drunk look.  then, within a matter of seconds your head falls. :)
* daddy had to lift your exersaucer up because you've gotten taller
* you are still eating between 6 and 7 ounces every 3 hours
* you wake up in a happy mood every morning

P.S. Thank you for being our sweet baby, you are the love of our lives, Mr. Boston James

Forever Faithful,
Mommy and Daddy

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