Friday night fun

One of my besties, Tiffany (aka Tiffey or Aunt TT), birthday was Monday but we finally celebrated it with her last night at Uncle Julio's.  We had great food and great fun - but we always do with her and her husband, Chris.  As Deena from the Jersey Shore would say, she's a "blast in a glass!"  Plus, a few other friends, Connie, Sunny and Sam also joined us.  Not to mention, Chris and Tiffey love our B-man a lot, so we brought him along even though it was a late night and he was up way past his bedtime.  He was a trooper and stayed up a while but then ended up falling asleep during dinner.  Oh my goodness, their chicken fajitas are A-mazing!  Tiffey always knows the best foods to get at every restaurant she goes to.  She told us about their chicken fajitas being the best and she was RIGHT!  So, if you're ever there and like chicken fajitas, try them.  You won't be disappointed!

Aunt TT loves her B and we got some picture time as we waited for our table.  When we left, she kept giving him kisses it was so cute.  She would lift his blanket and stick her head in his stroller to kiss him.  Too bad I didn't get photo of it. 
Sunny, Tiffey, Connie and me
 Tiffey's husband Chris and his girly phone.  (J/K it was Connie's phone)
the Birthday Girl!  Love her!!!
Connie taking a picture in the background.  Chris staring at his beautiful wife posing for the camera.  :-)
Again...Happy Birthday, Tiffey!!!!


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