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This is veeery veeery late, but better late than never.  Right?  I was very busy hibernating from the snow/ice this past week.  Literally, I did not step foot outside from Sunday evening until tonight, oh at about 5pm!  Boston and I hung out by ourselves Mon - Wed waiting for the dad to get home from the Kentucky.  He finally got home last night. Woo hoo!  Anywho...

We have to admit...we've been very bad in the "going to church" department since Boston has been born.  We had only gone once and Sunday was our second time.  I know, I know, terrible!  I don't know what it is but I just hadn't wanted to take him in fear of him freaking out right in the middle of the sermon, leaving me to panic and make Jer panic.  Plus, leaving him in the nursery was out of the question.  Double plus, I didn't want him to be around that many people so close in proximity... other people's germs and my Boston don't sit well with me.  However, a few times we made it a point to get up in time to watch a live feed of the sermon on the computer.  Totally not the same!  So Jer and I have decided that we HAVE to start putting God first!  I mean, He did bless us with this awesome, great, beautiful, sweet, loving, precious (and whatever else you want to include) child!!!  :)  And, since I didn't get a picture of us at Boston's first time to church a few months ago, here is Boston's "second time back to church" picture from Sunday...

excuse the lack of make-up and the double chin

He stayed tucked in my sling the whole time.  We got to church early and got our seats, because if you know Gateway, you know it gets PACKED very early!  While we were waiting in our seats there were some blue and purple lights on the ceiling that Boston starred at.  It was so cute because with his little hand it looked like he was pushing the sling back so that he could peak out to see everything, including the lights.  I missed that shot, but it was cute.  Trust me.  Thankfully, in the middle of us singing he fell asleep and stayed asleep until we got up to leave the sanctuary.  After the service but before we left, we took pictures in the foyer.  Yes, we were those people.  But I'll do anything for a picture of my sweetie pie and his memory book.  :)

After church, we headed to Southlake Town Square (our favorite place when the weather is pretty) and did some shopping.  I'm obsessed with buying clothes/hats/socks/shoes (you name it) for him.  So we stopped by the Gap to browse their sale since you could get 30% off all sale items.  We got a few outfits for him, some are even 12-18 month sizes that I couldn't pass up.  Then we went to our other favorite place, The Cheesecake Factory, for lunch!  And there I experienced my first...well, I'm not sure what to call it, but let's just say it was something I never thought I would do....nurse-in-public!!!  Yep I did.  My son had to be fed.  I made sure to ask for a booth since they are more private.  At the table, I gracefully pulled out and put on my nursing cover and plopped him on the boob under the cover.  I got a few looks from people, or maybe it just felt that way since I was nervous as heck, but I didn't pay any attention to them.  To most people this is not a big deal, but for ME it was!!!  I have to admit, I almost (for a milisecond) suggested we leave to go home but I didn't.  I was way too hungry!  :)

waiting to eat

Boston (in the dark) and daddy in Southlake Town Square

When we got in the car Boston was a little fussy so I sat in the back seat with him on the drive home.  Up until he was 6 weeks old, I sat in the back with him every where we went.  So it was actually nice to sit with him again; I often wonder if he gets lonely back there by himself just starring at the backs of the front seats.  I might start doing that every once in awhile to keep him company.  We talk, we sing and we giggle together!  OH...and I take pictures of him!  I would post them, but they aren't very good (took them with my crummy cell phone camera) and they wouldn't do his adorable self justice.  Maybe next time I'll have taken them with my new camera.  :)

Hope everyone has stayed safe this week,

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Agdmeredith said...

Can't believe you finally did it!! I'm still to scared... The most secluded spot in the parking lot works for me.

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