March 20, 2010 - Suspicions, Suspense and a Pregnancy Test

As the new year began, we kept "Taking Charge."  January came and went, and then February was here.  Suddenly, all of the tell-tell signs were present - steady, high temperature and all.  Our Suspicions grew and the reality of the accomplishment started to emerge.  With great unfortune, however, we were unable to confirm whether the Suspicions were correct.  I was slated to try a case in San Antonio on March 8, 2010, and the last thing we wanted was to learn such important news only to have my mind focusing on work and me leaving for a full week.  Making things worse, the trial was postponed for a week and wouldn't start until March 15, 2010.  So, we begrudingly accepted the Suspense.  I prepared for trial, traveled to San Antonio, won the case and then returned home late on the night of March 18, 2010.  That same night, we went to Tom Thumb and got the Tests.  The next day, we had to work so we didn't want to take any tests that morning (morning being the optimum time to take such tests), so we decided to wait until Saturday morning, which would also give us a full weekend to deal with the result whatever it may be.  That Saturday morning finally came, and at 7:20am Jennifer took the test.  With God's grace, the result was "PREGNANT" and our lives changed for the better in that very instance. 

One Proud Papa,

After returning from trial, we go get the Tests.

A truly "Positive" Outcome.

A Second Confirmation, for the sake of Certainty.

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