Moments With Boston

Just a typical Sunday afternoon with the Bos-man.  

Often, he and Navy will go upstairs and play in the play room together.  He'll go up with Navy, lock the gate and play until food is ready or just to give Jer and I a little break.  

There's been so many days where I've wanted to go through the whole playroom and trash most of the toys up there.  It often feels cluttered and drives me bananas.  But THEN, they go up to play and are up there for an hour playing with most of them.  And then I remember why I'm keeping them all ;) ha.  

This particular day, Navy was taking a nap and I caught Bossy up there alone playing.  And my mammarrazi self wanted to document this moment in time where I know one day I'll want to look back at.  The way his hair covers his ears, his cute little profile and the table he plays his legos on.  

A sight that I'll sure miss.  You're pretty dang awesome, Bossy.  
Ohh and, we STILL haven't painted over the beautiful drawing Navy so kindly did to our wall.  That's on our 50 page list of things to do.  :)  For now, we'll enjoy is artwork.

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